Spotify kills Microsoft's Groove Music

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Microsoft has announced that they're closing the doors on their Groove Music streaming service and are partnering with Spotify to unify Xbox users under one music platform.

We're expanding our partnership with Spotify to bring the world's largest music streaming service to our Groove Music Pass customers.

Starting this week, Groove Music Pass users will be able to "easily move all their curated playlists and collections directly into Spotify", Groove Music General Manager Jerry Johnson wrote in a blog post. Later this week, Groove Music Pass users will have the option to import their custom playlists to Spotify.

After that, you can take advantage of 60 days' worth of free Spotify Premium service if you have not taken advantage of a prior free trial offer or have never been subscribed to Spotify Premium.

Microsoft will continue to run Groove Music Pass until the end of calendar 2017.

Bowden also questions how, without consumer services, the company expects users to "love Windows".

Spotify is the largest streaming media service, with around 140 million customers, but it's wildly unprofitable; in June, it reported losses of $601 million on revenue of $3.3 billion for 2016.

Microsoft is to close its last remaining music streaming and download service, Groove Music. Just like Groove's service, Spotify Premium allows listeners to stream ad-free music. The app doesn't support FLAC like Groove Music, which is a bit of a disappointment if you like to listen to really high-quality music.

It will see the end of the company's downloadable MP3 offerings as the company becomes the latest to acknowledge that streaming is, like, totally where it's at, man.

Microsoft's dream of challenging Apple's iTunes and Apple Music is dead through their Groove Music App/service. If you're a Groove Music Pass subscriber, be sure to check it out.

As part of the Groove Music Pass program, subscribers also received a complimentary allotment of OneDrive storage. Tom Warren from tech news site The report says why individuals even utilized Groove Music isn't clear, given that Spotify has dependably been an unrivaled alternative. But Microsoft is telling people that they should consider migrating to Spotify, and a transition process will kick in soon.



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