The Cubs Are Dead, But Long Live The Cubs — Baffoe

Game 4 of the NLCS between the Cubs and Dodgers. Oct. 18 2017

Jake Arrieta pitched three-hit ball into the seventh inning to help the Cubs close their deficit to 3-1. The win clinched the NL Pennant for the Cubs and sent them to the World Series against the Indians.

The 2017 Cubs never fit quite right.

It felt like much of this season for the Cubs was a celebration of 2016, and why not? So I'm all for that.

Much closer to the latter than the former, as it turned out. We have to win.

The Cubs won the NL Central with a little more sweat than was expected, which made wearing them sort of itchy but doable. But the Cubs battled for a win to get themselves back to Cleveland, and anything can happen-and did. But he also punched out nine Dodgers, going 6 2/3 innings, allowing just one run on three hits, and firing every one of his 111 pitches with the back-of-mind knowledge that the relievers behind him consisted of Wade Davis, a pack of Big League Chew, and the remains of Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. And still there was lying to oneself about the Los Angeles Dodgers being beatable because of (mumbling, squinting at Fangraphs). The Dodgers defeated the Cubs 11-1 in Game 5 of the National League championship series, bringing an end to a 29-year drought for the World Series. For me to be able to give something for them to cheer about, even if it's for three or four hours, however long this game was, that's something I can't put into words.

"I grabbed the ball and tried to tuck it in, like a football", he said. "You look at the 2004 Boston team".

And the clock was starting on next year. Seager did not play a single game in the NLCS due to a back injury.

"I hope everybody understands that, I hope our fans understand that", Maddon continued. Everything looked easy for the Dodgers in this series.

They can start by looking at the bullpen, which blew game after game. No more twitchy bullpen and measly solo homers. Some of the others can fill in the gaps.

Wolf said afterward he heard "two distinct, separate sounds" on the pitch, believing the first to be the pitch bouncing in the dirt and the second being the pop of the catcher's mitt. Not cheap, but maybe within reach for diehard fans. Relieving, too. Now the eulogies, the remember whens. "We booked it at one, we were here at six". The pain soon subsides. But his fiancee isn't a Cubs fan. "We have to do it for Chicago", said Jeff Liberman, a Cubs fan, Thursday morning.

Maddon said that if Granderson had homered after the blown call/dumb reversal, he might have run out of the Wrigley clubhouse in his jockstrap. We know this. This is truth. "We've been young and inexperienced". Javier Baez brought his yesterday, as did Willson Contreras. It's easy to cheer positive results, but the Yankee fans have remained loud and encouraging when things haven't been going so well. You're still immensely talented and have the benefit of a healthy wallet.

His family has since returned to the island and, after the game, Hernandez revealed to MLB Network that his mom texted him before the game to tell him that his family went to his grandmother's house to watch Game 5 on a generator-powered TV.

The Cubs live on.



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