Trump NBC Attack Follows Criticism Of Time Warner's CNN, Amazon

President Donald Trump shown in a meeting Tuesday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reportedly told his generals in July that he wanted a massive expansion of America's nuclear weapons arsenal

President Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed a report that said he wants to increase the country's nuclear stockpile by a factor of ten, accusing the press of making it up entirely.

President Trump continued his assault on the "fake news media" on Wednesday - suggesting it is time to challenge the networks' broadcast licenses.

If you're looking to throw down some more cash on USA politics, Bovada is also offering betting lines on whether White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will stay in his job through 2017, which political party will win the 2020 election, and if Twitter will suspend President Trump's account this year. The article said after Trump saw the slide he said he wanted a bigger stockpile of weapons, not the bottom position on the downward-sloping curve. USA news reports have painted the relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Tillerson as tense.

Some officials present said they did not take Trump's desire for more nuclear weapons to be literally instructing the military to increase the actual numbers.

It was the same meeting where Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also reportedly called Trump a "moron".

It was the second time in a week that NBC had referenced the July meeting.

"The July 20 meeting was described as a lengthy and sometimes tense review of worldwide US forces and operations", NBC reported. It was soon after the meeting broke up that officials who remained behind heard Tillerson say that Trump is a "moron".

He called the report "pure fiction" that was "made up to demean".

He followed up nearly immediately with his veiled threat to strip NBC of their licence.

Speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit Wednesday morning, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said she does not treat the press as an enemy and does not use the term "fake news". The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees broadcast licenses (for individual stations, not networks), is an independent agency in the federal government and is not required to follow presidential orders. Trump said he wanted to have that same number now, NBC reported.

"The insanity and folly of this of course can not be overstated", the director for Disarmament and Threat Reduction Policy at the Arms Control Association, Kingston Reif, tweeted in response to the NBC report.



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