Why Won't Republicans Defend Health Care for 9 Million Children?

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"The department urges Congress to re-authorize CHIP so that 176,241 Pennsylvania children can continue to receive health insurance". Mauk said she's "fervently hopeful" that last-minute hearings in Congress will help reinstate the funds before states run out. Capriotti said there should be enough to carry Arizona through October and November. "If the lawmakers can't act in support of a program that was enacted in a spirit of bipartisanship and serves the most truly defenseless members of society, there's no hope for them".

TheLos Angeles Times reported that there is no vote scheduled for at least a week to reinstate the $15 billion funding.

While most states have put aside some money to cover the cost of CHIP in exactly this kind of scenario, 10 states will run out of funding by the end of this year, according to ABC News.

But she conceded that may not happen.

Matt Highland, a Department of Human Services official, said Monday that Iowa has enough money to last through next March but, with no other allotments, funding would be depleted sometime in the quarter ending June 30. States have the option to cover pregnant women, and 19 do so.

Benefits vary somewhat between states, but the program's range of benefits include medical and dental visits for routine well-child care, immunizations, prescriptions, vision care, emergency care, laboratory and X-ray services and hospital care. Community health centers, which often provide health care for uninsured Texans, also saw about 70 percent of federal funding expire on September 30, Garcia said. Its impacts have been far reaching; a 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation report summarized the research on its effectiveness, finding "strong evidence" that the program expanded the number of children who had coverage, increased the quality of the care they received, strengthened low-income families' finances and even bolstered student performance based on improvements to children's health. Children can get covered if the family income is less than twice the federal poverty level, or $40,840, for that same family of three. KidsCare was restored in 2016, and now the federal government funds it entirely.

There have been bumps before in what is called the Kids Care program in Arizona, though not due to what is happening in Washington. And virtually all states budgeted for CHIP dollars that are now in limbo. "We need to reauthorize these critical programs asap", said Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo.

The result was that the program, which had 45,000 children enrolled, dropped by previous year to fewer than 1,000. At the time, the state was paying for a portion of the program.

Andy Biggs, then the Senate president, said he wasn't buying arguments that there would be no cost to the state. However, the program expired over the weekend as Congress failed to pass an extension. He has since been elected. Those numbers were expected to grow by about 7,000 by the start of the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Garcia said her organization has been working with advocates at the national level to push for a renewal from Congress.

It actually took a bit of political gamesmanship to get the program restored over the opposition of GOP leadership and the lack of support from Gov. Doug Ducey.

"The state share is 10 percent of the program now, pretty quickly we'd run out of that money", she said.

Federal funding for CHIP had been renewed by Congress in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2015. She is now a mother herself, and I treat her children.



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