Does April the Giraffe have another bun in the oven?

GMA reveal: April the giraffe may be pregnant AGAIN

It was the moment of grace almost the entire country had been waiting on-April, America's beloved and favorite giraffe, gave birth to her fourth child in April. Millions of people watched daily on the Animal Adventure Park live streams to await the arrival of her long-legged bundle of joy which finally occurred on April 15 of this year.

The giraffe whose pregnancy became a YouTube sensation, and whose baby's birth was broadcast live, has been spending alone time with the baby giraffe's father, Oliver, again.

The owner of Animal Adventure Park in NY said on Good Morning America that he "can't confirm nor deny" the possibility of April being pregnant again.

Patch did say, following the birth, that he was betting on welcoming twice as many visitors to the park as the previous year.

"I can not confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy", Patch told the morning show hosts.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, April, who resides in Harpulsville, New York's Adventure Park Zoo, could be having another baby.

"As you can see, the lovebirds are back at it again!"

In his TV appearance, Patch said April has been an fantastic mother to baby Tajiri, who likes to be independent, thanks to his father Oliver.

The calf's name comes from Swahili and it means hope, according to Jordan Patch, who revealed his name on "GMA" in May. Patch said that April's son is nearly 10 feet tall and that April is an "amazing mother". "Oliver and April are sharing space, nature can take its course and should it call on us, we'll be ready", said Patch.



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