Family of 4 found dead in Mapleton home

Family of 4 found dead in Mapleton home

Officers received a call from a neighbor asking them to do a welfare check on Thursday morning because they had not seen vehicles move or lights turned on in a house near them for multiple days, according to the post. A local employer also reported to police that a person who lived at the home had not shown up for work.

Police and officials respond to the scene where a family of four were found shot to death in Mapleton, Utah, Friday, Nov. 10, 2017.

Mapleton Police Chief John Jackson said in a statement Friday that officers the night before had found the bodies of a man, woman, teenage girl and young boy inside the family's home after receiving a call to check on them.

After not getting responses after several attempts at the front door, officers entered through a window and entered the residence. A large dog was dead next to them.

He did not offer details about what may have led to the killings or how they unfolded.

"Preliminary evidence suggests a murder suicide", Jackson continued.

The family just recently moved into the home.

Jackson said police found the bodies inside, along with the family dog, who was also shot to death.

Police are waiting on the medical examiner's examination before ruling it a murder-suicide but said they do not believe the community is in danger.



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