Ford, Daimler, BMW and VW Group create Ionity charging network

Carmakers launch European open charging network

The first 20 stations will be opened in Germany, Norway and Austria before the end of this year, and 100 new stations will be put into operation in 2018. The founding of IONITY is an important milestone, which shows that the car manufacturers are joining forces to achieve this goal.

The Guardian reports France was the first country to truly lay out a plan for the shunning of petrol and diesels, as the Netherlands talked about a 2025 ban and some officials in Germany eyeing 2030. The Ionity network stations by contrast will have charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts per hour. And, according to the consoritum's CEO Michael Hajesch, they'll also allow users to "pay at the pump" by accepting digital payments.

A group of major automakers plans to open hundreds of fast-charging stations for electric cars in Europe in coming years and use a common plug technology in what they hope will be a big step toward mass acceptance of battery-powered vehicles. The availability of a nationwide high-power charging network is essential for the market penetration of electromobility.

Regardless of whether they're owned by Tesla or another automaker, more charging stations can only be a good thing. The openness of the system and its Europe-wide distribution will help to significantly increase the acceptance of electric vehicles. But other companies have much different approaches.

They say that other automakers can join in.

My favorite take on the space is definitely a mix between projects from BMW and Qualcomm. Through 2018, the network will expand to over 100 stations, thanks to ongoing partnerships with Autobahn Tank & Rast, Circle K, and OMV. The latter has taken that idea and applied it to the physical road, which would mean dedicated electric vehicle lanes that actually keep your car charged while driving. So car companies are getting involved to help develop networks of fast-charging stations themselves.

The initiative to set up fast charging stations for electric cars across Europe by the German car manufacturers will provide an impetus to the electric car business in the region, claim industry experts.



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