Freddie Gray Police Disciplinary Case Wraps Up

Officer Caesar Goodson arrives at the courthouse in Baltimore Maryland U.S

Baltimore officer Caesar Goodson was found not guilty of 21 internal charges relating to the 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

Department lawyer Neil Duke had argued that Goodson should have been fired for failing to follow policy by not buckling Gray into a seatbelt, failing to get him medical attention and lying about the chain of events following Gray's arrest in April 2015. He said Goodson failed his responsibility and integrity during the trip to the police station, and was so indifferent to his duty that he didn't make any effort to interact with Gray to check on his physical condition. The charges revolved around whether Goodson was negligent in failing to ensure Gray's safety following his arrest. Rice's administrative trial is scheduled to begin November 13, while White's is scheduled to begin December 5.

Of the six officers, Goodson faced the most serious charge in criminal court: murder. This includes not securing a handcuffed and shackled suspect in a seat belt and not calling a medic after Gray requested one. Then, officer Caesar Goodson was found not guilty of all charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

"This is a vindication of this officer", said Sean Malone, one of Goodson's attorneys.

"Not every accident has a villain, but Mr. Duke would have you believe that's the case", he said, going on to claim that Duke was attempting to throw his client under "a bus without any evidence".

The administrative trial follows the fact that Goodson was acquitted on all charges, including second-degree depraved-heart murder, at a criminal trial past year.

Gray died a week later of a spinal cord injury he suffered during the van ride, prompting civil unrest among people expressing outrage at the treatment of African-Americans by police in Baltimore's inner city. After Goodson and two other Baltimore officers were cleared of all wrongdoing in Gray's death, state prosecutors dropped criminal charges against the three remaining officers in the case. Five of those were also charged administratively in the case.



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