Fury as Labour MP Harriet Harman repeats Holocaust 'joke' on TV

BBC veteran Andrew Neil took to Twitter after the show was broadcast to say he was'even a little bit upset by what she said

The BBC presenter later tweeted that the joke was "appalling" and that he was "upset" that Ms Harman could claim that he would like the joke.

The BBC host snapped back that the Labour veteran should not "dare" to claim he would have found the remark amusing and then told her to "be quiet".

"I've always been accused of being a humourless feminist and I'll give you two examples that I protested about because they were offensive and hurtful", said Harman.

She then proceeded to tell one such joke, which she said appeared in "a Guy's Hospital rag magazine back in the day and people like Andrew say that these things are perfectly alright".

"Two jokes. One was, 'How do you get 100 Jews into a Mini?"

She then repeated an antisemitic joke saying it 'wasn't amusing'.

The panel on Neil's This Week Thursday night had been debating whether Adolf Hitler jokes were acceptable, and Harman said that in the past she had been called a "humorless feminist" for objecting to jokes that were "offensive and hurtful".

He later tweeted: "What was wrong was 1) Even to tell that so-called joke on live TV".

Simon Johnson, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: 'I can not recall being so disappointed in a politician.

The row came shortly after Mr Neil made a speech to a Holocaust Educational Trust dinner in which he warned of "the rise of anti-Semitism on the far left", which he said was "more risky than the knuckle-dragging right".

HARRIET Harman has been slapped down after recounting an anti-Semitic "joke" on live TV. Harman herself took to social media, writing: "Anti-Semitic "jokes/banter" perpetuate discrimination & hatred".

She also shared an excerpt from her book A Woman's Work, which recounted the two jokes she had protested against at the time, saying that she had been "lambasted" for "political correctness gone mad".

'She must apologise and do so quickly.

Simon Crow warned: 'You don't repeat a joke like that event with the best intentions and definitely don't say Neil would like it. Disgraceful'.

Mooncat said "disgraceful slur on Andrew Neil by humourless harpy Harriet Harman". Neil shut down an attempted intervention by Harman, telling her to "be quiet".

"It is a staggering error of judgment".



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