John Fox Challenge Turns Bears First-And-Goal Into Turnover

Watch: John Fox's Challenge Inadvertently Causes a Bears Turnover

In the process of reviewing the play, the officials realized that Cunningham lost control of the ball before hitting the pylon, resulting in touchback and loss of possession. Cunningham was initially ruled down short of the goal-line, and it looked like he could have hit the pylon so John Fox challenged.

"I've never anxious about my job security, and I won't stop", Fox said, via the Chicago Sun-Times' Patrick Finley.

The Bears thought they were going to tie the game against the Packers.

Fox made a decision in the second quarter that put the Bears in a bad position.

With roughly eight minutes remaining in the first half of Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field, Chicago running back Benny Cunningham took a screen pass delivered by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky 23 yards toward the end zone. The replay appeared to show Cunningham breaking the plane with the ball, so John Fox challenged the spot in an attempt to get the call switched to a touchdown.



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