LiAngelo Ball, UCLA Teammates Likely to Be Sentenced to House Arrest

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Why is UCLA and Georgia Tech in China to play a basketball game, missing all that school, and then force-feeding their fans the idea of 'student-athletes.' And if it's such a cultural excursion, what's UCLA doing in the Louis Vitton sunglass section?

The championship and consolation games are the next day.

On Thursday, Ken Sugiura of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the players, who were released on bail Wednesday, might serve the punishment at the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, the hotel where UCLA and Georgia Tech players stayed ahead of their game Saturday (Friday night USA time) in Shanghai. This marks the third consecutive year that a team from the Pac-12 Conference, to which UCLA belongs, will play a regular season game on Chinese soil. The players were released around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning and were staying at a luxury hotel in Hangzhou along with a UCLA representative, according to a source.

But Jerome Cohen, the faculty director of New York University's U.S. -Asia Law Institute, told USA Today the fact the players were released on bail and allowed to leave police custody was a "very good sign" they'd be given a light sentence.

Citing a person close to the situation, the Los Angeles Times reported Ball was involved in a shoplifting incident along with teammates Cody Riley and Jalen Hill.

Scott did not elaborate on what occurred and said the league was directing all inquiries about the specifics of the matter to UCLA.

Ball's dad, LaVar Ball, seemed unbothered and not at all anxious. "Whether in the United States or overseas, we expect our student-athletes to uphold the highest standards", he added.

Lavar Ball, the outspoken father of the Ball brothers, stated that the shoplifting situation "ain't that big of a deal" and that LiAngelo "will be fine". "He'll be fine. Everyone's making it a big deal".



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