Microsoft Announces the Windows 10 IoT Fall Creators Update

Microsoft assistive technology Win10 upgrades cease on 31 Dec

This is Microsoft's version of augmented reality, which is the juxtaposition of 3-D computer images over a live view of your surroundings.

In the Fall Creators Update we're also providing a preview of new Windows 10 IoT functionality that you can evaluate in development. In addition to writing about tech, Jonathan has a passion for fitness and nutrition and has previously written for one the UK's leading watch and horology websites.

Eventually, Microsoft agreed to change tack and Kaspersky, who has quite enough on his plate right now, let's face it, backed down. This means that the only people who should still be able to avail of the free Windows 10 upgrade are supposedly those who are using or in need of assistive technology.

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 Internet of Things.

Under the terms of that announcement, individuals who use "assistive technologies" received an automatic extension of the free upgrade offer. "To learn more, read our blog that details some of these improvements".

For now, if you still don't have Windows 10 but want to upgrade, you'll have until the end of this year to do so for free.

The answer to that is, 'probably not.' At first glance, it appears there is a mass exodus from Windows 10, which could occur if something catastrophic happened, like the discovery of a major vulnerability like Windows has never seen before.

For instance, it's now possible to host Nano Server containers on 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Core and Enterprise editions. These represent the former EMET and are automatically configured and applied on the machines installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Another excellent question; you're really working it! To assist with the integration between the two platforms, Microsoft has announced Azure IoT Edge on Windows 10 IoT, which coordinates intelligence between the cloud and edge devices, as well as the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service.

The 15 general telemetric events Enhanced (Limited) collects include scores of separate informational "fields", ranging from the audio playback duration by an app to login errors made as users try to access a device. Of course, Microsoft has no way of knowing if that's true. But there is no system that can verify whether users need it or not, so anybody can use it, despite being immoral.

The practical impact of this change is likely to be minimal. This can often be found cheaper from third-party retailers.



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