Mike Evans receives 1-game suspension


Evans was penalized but not ejected from the Saints' 30-10 victory.

Former Texas A&M WR Mike Evans briefly lost his mind on Sunday afternoon, and will pay for his actions with a 1-game suspension.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the suspension may be appealed within three business days. Lattimore turned around and shoved Winston in the chest.

Evans only received a personal foul penalty for the hit on Sunday.

Jameis Winston touches Marshon Lattimore's helmet, and Lattimore responds with a push. When Lattimore turned around and shoved Winston, Evans came out of nowhere and leveled possibly the cheapest shot in the National Football League this season.

NFL Vice President of Operations Jon Runyan sent a letter to Evans Monday. When Evans saw the exchange between Winston and Lattimore, he decked Lattimore. Then Evans flew in for the tackle.

"That is definitely not the way we want to represent ourselves, if it was, in fact, the way that I was told", Koetter said.

Lattimore and Evans went head-to head several times as play resumed, and while Lattimore was seen talking, he did not retaliate. "That's not having your teammate's back, that just wrong". I was glad he wasn't ejected.

Evans finished the game with one reception for 13 yards.



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