Pope Bans Cigarette Sales Within The Vatican

Pope Francis has a message for Catholics: put down your mobile in Mass

In an official statement Thursday, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said: "The Holy Father has decided that the Vatican will cease to cell cigarettes to employees as of 2018".

The church's decision not to hold a post-mortem on the body, bickering over who was in the Vatican on the night of the death and crude attempts to hide the fact a nun found his body helped fans of conspiracy theories.

Available for sale exclusively at "Palazzo della Stazione", the building that sits in front of the Vatican's small train station, the cigarettes have until now been sold at a lower price than in tobacco stores around Rome, making it an ideal place for smokers holding a Vatican employee card to pick up their next pack.

It comes as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping pledged to work together to deneuclarise the Korean Peninsula and thwart Kim Jong Un's attempts to build a nuke capable of bringing death and destruction to mainland America.

When it was re-signed in 2009, the new framework committed both countries to further reductions in bombers and missiles, down to 1,000 each.

Among his most read texts, however, is a series of letters Luciani wrote between 1972 and 1975 for a monthly periodical while he was the archbishop of Venice.

A man smokes a cigarette at St Peter's Square at the Vatican on November 9, 2017 as Pope Francis has outlawed the sale of cigarettes at the Vatican in a bid to lead by example on healthy living.

"In this context, the great sages of the past run the risk of going unheard amid the noise and distractions of an information overload".

'For some people, it's pie in the sky, ' conference organizer and top papal adviser Monsignor Silvano Tomasi said.

Burke acknowledged that the sale of cigarettes has been a source of revenue for the Holy See, adding: "However, no profit can be legitimate if it is costing people their lives". With the eschatological dimension of celibacy, the future world of God enters into the reality of our time.

Vatican employees are allowed to buy five cartons of cigarettes a month.

The martyrdom of Italian Sister Leonella Sgorbati, killed in Mogadishu, Somalia, in September 17, 2006. He died in Gemona, Italy, On January 23, 1894.



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