Review: Two things to ask yourself before buying the Xbox One X

Xbox One X vs. Nintendo Switch: Is the Xbox One X Worth It?

But if you are on the fence about this generation, then there are a few additional things to consider. This means that the utmost power of this gaming PC will ensure a high-end gaming experience like no other.

You have to weigh the cost - the One X is roughly $150 more than the PS4 Pro - against the bump in performance. Microsoft Studios have stumbled in the last year or so and it's really showing with the lack of exclusives this autumn, with Forza Motorsport 7 their one marquee title and the only major exclusive game coming alongside the One X is indie platformer Super Lucky's Tale.

Of course, a big part of the console's sleekness comes from just how compact it now is.

It gets a bit worse though: the long-winded tie-in TV-show like videos-which are needed to give the full scope of the game and the choices you make-tack on more than 70GB of extra data.

Like the One S before it, the One X is now the most appealing console for home theater enthusiasts thanks to its ultra-HD Blu-ray drive and Dolby Atmos audio support.

The $500 price is also another factor to consider especially if you don't own a 4K capable television to fully take advantage of the X's abilities.

3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - This holiday season, Helzberg Diamonds ®, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is teaming up with Microsoft to offer customers the rare chance to win one of one hundred of the highly anticipated Xbox One X's, billed as the most powerful gaming console on the market. To do that though would require the power of the Gods, Microsoft has done this with the new One X.

Setting up the Xbox One X is pretty straightforward. The implementation of HDR and advanced lighting and particle effects is jaw dropping.

We unboxed the XBOX One X and compared to the XBOX One this machine is SMALL.

The Xbox One X is understated - even boring by the standards of some competitors - but it's undeniably stylish. "Microsoft has pulled out the stops in squeezing stronger components into the same basic architecture of the four-year-old Xbox One". Once your character is captured during a raid on modern Nazis, you must choose the one that'll be killed first.

The first thing you notice when unboxing the Xbox One X for use is just how heavy it is.

Luckily this time around they've simplified all the muck and it's less of a headache to navigate. Its black matte plastic casing is sleek, but not quite as attractive as the semi-perforated shell and striking white finish Microsoft presented with the One S. Which is why we'll be reserving our full thoughts and confirmation that yes, this is everything we wanted it to be, when we can see the difference in titles like Assassin's Creed Origins, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and several other current games that will be enhanced in time for launch. The Xbox One X just makes playing Xbox One games better in general, even if you've not got a 4K TV with HDR yet; on a standard HDTV, games running at higher than 1080p will be supersampled for superior picture quality. Plus, with 1TB of storage, a 4K HDR Blu Ray player, more power than the sun and such versatility, what device is there that can truly compare? But you might be swayed by game exclusively; after all, Breath of the Wild was more than enough for a lot of people to justify the investment in the Switch. An Xbox is considered to be the face of the world of gaming. I could see every detail of Jago's shoulder tattoo, and his metallic demon kneepads looked like they were ready to gnaw a hole through anyone fool enough to get too close.

"But the Xbox One X isn't just the fastest console with the best graphics, it's also the most expensive console available right now". I also tested a handful of compatible games but only a handful because while about 100 games are slated to get Xbox One X enhancements eventually, only about a dozen have them right now, and a decent share of those titles are old, or kind of obscure.

In a review at CNET, Jeff Bakalar didn't offer as much enthusiasm for the latest Xbox, as he saw mixed results when looking for significant performance improvement in games.

Gears of War 4 features greater resolution on the Xbox One X enhanced version.

The reality is that the decision is basically a conscience vote. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the one-month Xbox Game Pass to download some games (again, mind the download quota).

"Unfortunately it's not as good for multiplayer as there are twice as many players on PlayStations".



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