Taylor Swift Performs '…Ready for It?' for First Time on 'SNL'

Gigi Hadid wished Taylor Swift a happy birthday

A performance on Saturday Night Live pretty much sealed Taylor Swift's return to the stage and spotlight, which she did so in the most Tay way possible - with a snake microphone. It is followed by "End Game", her collaboration with fellow musician Ed Sheeran and rapper Future, and the unflinching "I Did Something Bad".

Swift also express that Wests' relationship with Jay-Z when she sings "But I'm not the only friend you've lost lately/if only you weren't so shady".

Taylor Swift's had herself a heck of a week.

And the rest of the tracks don't disappoint in the tea-spilling department. "Those teasers she released before the album's announcement told the fandom just that, and she got to tell them again during her performance of "...

A long way off from her once-signature curls and guitar, Taylor Swift showed both her still-in-progress, grown-and-sexy and her acoustic confessional sides in two Saturday Night Live performances last night (Nov. 11). To the fans, to country radio, thanks for being so good to us. Wow.

And for the portion of the internet sick of Swift's tendency to play the victim, look no further than "reputation" for evidence to support your annoyances.

One of these performed songs was the leading "Call It What You Want" and the most fantastic "Ready for It".

Sure, Taylor, we believe you.



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