Trump feels insulted being called 'old' by Kim Jong Un

Prawn row serves up cocktail of orders for S. Korean fisherman

North Korean state-run media outlets have been repeatedly criticizing the president as he tours Asia on a five-nation journey that will take him to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It's all documented. With President Donald Trump, some people do think that his Twitter and overall personality could make a nuclear exchange more likely.

In a stern speech delivered in South Korea's National Assembly on Tuesday, he said: "Do not underestimate us. I don't know if it will but it would be very, very nice".

The revelation may have played a part in Trump's extraordinary offer of talks to the North Korean leader.

President Donald Trump traded petty insults with North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jung Un Sunday, but told reporters shortly after that perhaps one day, he and the North Korean dictator might one day be friends.

It has been 56 days since North Korea's last ballistic missile test - an intermediate-range KN-17 that flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

North Korean officials described Trump's trip as "nothing but a business trip by a warmonger to enrich the monopolies of the United States defense industry".

"Strange things happen in life".

The documents suggested that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un could fire nukes at the USA and its allies.

Asked about the possibility of becoming friends with the North Korean leader during a Sunday joint news conference in Vietnam, Trump did not rule it out.

The US think-tank said: "Although Pyongyang is outspent by its neighbours in dollar-to-dollar comparisons and defence experts say it operates with raging equipment and technology, the regime's forward-deployed military position and missiles aimed at Seoul ensure that Pyongyang's conventional capabilities remain a constant threat to its southern neighbour".

Trump hasn't always been a rhetorical foe of Kim.

Trump has been working to rally global pressure against North Korea's nuclear weapons program on a trip to Asia. "I think we have to give it a couple of months, a few months, and then see what adjustments we might need to make".

The secretive kingdom's state-controlled media service told the North Korean people today how their former countrymen south of the Demilitarised Zone are suffering "untold pains under the USA occupation and domination".



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