Trump's former bodyguard reportedly said the Russian Federation dossier is 'bulls

Donald Trump with a McDonald's takeaway on board a private jet

Schiller testified for four hours before the House Intelligence Committee about a Moscow trip that Donald Trump took for the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013.

Two sources told NBC News that Schiller claimed to have discussed and laughed about the offer of women with Trump as he walked the future president to his hotel room.

Schiller said he viewed the offer as a joke, and responded that they "don't do that type of stuff". NBC noted that when Schiller was first asked about the story, his first reaction was "Oh my God, that's bullsh*t". Multiple sources have said that the offer came from someone close to Emin Agalarov, the pop star who is the son of a Russian oligarch, though Schiller testified that it was not Agalarov himself.

In a statement to NBC News, Schiller's lawyer called the leaked information regarding his testimony "blatantly false and misleading".

It also includes claims that Russian spies concealed cameras in Trump's Moscow hotel room that filmed him with prostitutes who urinated on a bed he believed former President Barack Obama had slept in.

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The existence of the famed Russian "pee tape" may remain shrouded in mystery, but a former bodyguard for President Donald Trump reportedly has confirmed Trump was given the opportunity to host five women in his Moscow hotel room in 2013.

Schiller said he spent a short time outside Trump's door before going to his own hotel room, the report said.

Trump has also ramped up his attacks after it became public that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, through the law firm Perkins Coie, paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to compile the material that led to the dossier.

According to NBC News, Schiller made his alleged comments about the offer of "five women" during testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, and he did so while "adamantly" disputing the accuracy of the Steele dossier.

Schiller, a Navy veteran, worked part-time as a bodyguard for Trump while still serving as an active NYPD officer.



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