WWE: Get Ready For Triple H Vs. Jinder Mahal In India

Triple H vs Jinder Mahal at WWE event in New Delhi? The Game drops the biggest hint in video

As most of our readers may be aware, WWE is heading to New Delhi, India for two Live Events on the 8th and 9th of December. If not, a marquee match with Triple H may be a great way to showcase the local hero and Indian babyface, Jinder Mahal.

If Mahal were to regain the title in India, that means Triple H would either be crowned the champion between now and December 8, 2017, or Mahal would need to win it back from Styles immediately following Survivor Series.

On my recent trip to Mumbai, I was asked a million times- would I consider stepping back into the ring in India in December?

In a shock move this week on SmackDown, the Modern Day Maharaja was relieved of his title by AJ Styles, who will now take his place in the champion versus champion match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series as a result. I've decided, India, that if you want it bad enough, I will. Reply here.

The reward of a mega-match with Triple H would appear to confirm that, even if he seems to now be off next Sunday's pay-per-view entirely. The original plans were to have Jinder Mahal defend his WWE Championship against Kevin Owens on the first day.

"The biggest match in India's history". Tickets were sold for the shows advertising him as the world champion, so in order to not let the fans down with him recently losing the belt, it looks like they are planning a big match between Mahal and Triple H on the tour. "The Game" is having as much fun as ever, but the fun and games end next month when he takes on Jinder Mahal in India.



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