Black Lives Matter activists organize Manchester march
- Julio 23, 2016

The rapper and comedian, along with Black Lives Matter, will continue to fill the streets with the sounds of their voices throughout the entire convention. "I think the cops are scarred of us and we're scarred of the cops", Spivey-Spinner said. Brown said that the community must also do their part through being active in the local government, going to school and not participating in illegal activities such as selling drugs. (los mas...)
Man sues Black Lives Matter organization, 3 others
- Julio 22, 2016

One day before Philando Castile's death, Alton Sterling was killed in a Louisiana parking lot after he was tackled to the ground by white police officers. But, no matter what the race of the officer is, the conflict that exists between black people and law enforcement comes down to one underlying fact: Our society has forced law enforcement to operate in anti-blackness, or fear of black bodies. (los mas...)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Come With Always One Feature Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Come With Always One Feature
- Julio 19, 2016

From OnePlus 3's Optic AMOLED display to Galaxy Note 7 being outfitted with a Y-OCTA panel, we are not sure who comes up with these fancy names, but they are really starting to confuse us. Earlier this week a series of images which claim to be of the Note 7 were leaked online, which shows the device available in three colours: Blue Coral, Black Onyx and Silver Titanium. (los mas...)
In medical mystery, caregiver gets Zika from man who died In medical mystery, caregiver gets Zika from man who died
- Julio 19, 2016

The relative had cared for the elderly man both at home and in the hospital. The new patient developed mild symptoms and rapidly recovered, said CDC officials in a news conference. Dr. Michael Bell, medical epidemiologist at the CDC's Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, said in a call with reporters Monday that it was unlikely that the virus had become airborne but added that "in our line of work nothing is truly off the table, and we don't want to underestimate possibilities - however ... (los mas...)
Pokemon Go officially out now and available for download Pokemon Go officially out now and available for download
- Julio 18, 2016

Pokemon Go has gone down just as well with investors as players; Nintendo's share price has risen more than 50 per cent in the last week on the back of the game's success. Pokestops could easily be sponsored by a particular business, or the purchase of a product could yield benefits within the Pokemon Go game. Well, maybe GTA, but you know my point, right? Nick Summers from technology site Engadget said the exploration aspect of the game should be praised, but should also come with a ... (los mas...)
Sanders to endorse Clinton next week Sanders to endorse Clinton next week
- Julio 17, 2016

The survey, released by Reuters/Ipsos, has Clinton leading by 9 points with Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein included in the results. "You can't expose the corruption of the political system and then expect us to get behind that same political system", one Sanders supporter, Gary Frazier, told CNN . (los mas...)
¿Confundió Bush los funerales en Dallas con la Navidad? ¿Confundió Bush los funerales en Dallas con la Navidad?
- Julio 16, 2016

Acompañado de su esposa Michelle y con el rostro compungido, el mandatario se unió en la tarde a la ceremonia ecuménica, en la que también intervino el expresidente George W. "Comprendo cómo se sienten los estadounidenses, pero Dallas , aquí estoy para decirles que debemos rechazar esa desesperanza", dijo Obama. En la sala del Morton Meyerson Symphony Center , cinco sillas quedaron vacías en honor a los funcionarios y en cada una se colocó una gorra policial y una bandera. (los mas...)
US Privacy Shield launched for stronger protection of data flows US Privacy Shield launched for stronger protection of data flows
- Julio 14, 2016

Clear safeguards and transparency obligations on USA government access: The US has given the European Union assurance that the access of public authorities for law enforcement and national security is subject to clear limitations, safeguards and oversight mechanisms. (los mas...)
Benefits of Pokemon Go's AR Tech in China Benefits of Pokemon Go's AR Tech in China
- Julio 13, 2016

The smartphone app, powered by a combination of Google Maps and your camera, takes the traditional format of the Pokemon video games (walking around fighting and capturing made-up animals) and plants it into the real world. While it would seem (by the name) that this app targets Android devices only, iOS users have had similar software loading (unbeknownst, in some cases, to the user) not long after the false-front iOS or Android app has been downloaded and loaded. (los mas...)
David Cameron dimitirá el próximo miércoles como primer ministro de Reino Unido
- Julio 13, 2016

A partir del miércoles próximo May , la nueva líder del Partido Conservador , se convertirá en la primera ministra del Reino Unido. El primer ministro anunció su renuncia después que los electores británicos votaron por el Brexit en un referéndum el mes pasado, aunque se preveía que continuaría en funciones hasta setiembre. (los mas...)
SEC Probes Tesla Over Crash Disclosure
- Julio 13, 2016

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking the California-based electric carmaker for details on its emergency-braking and Autopilot systems. Reports suggested that drivers in both incidents were using Autopilot at the time, though there's no proof of that yet. Last week, Fortune reported that Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, had sold more than $2 billion in company stock before alerting shareholders to the Florida crash. (los mas...)
N Korea threatens to cut official contact with US
- Julio 12, 2016

Chang Yong-seok, a senior researcher at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies at Seoul National University, said the statements taken together mean Pyongyang has no plans to resolve the issue of USA detainees through diplomatic channels. (los mas...)
Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Likely Winner Of Election
- Julio 12, 2016

Turnbull's ruling Liberal/National coalition is now expected to secure 74 seats, and potentially two more, in the 150-seat House of Representatives, according to national broadcaster ABC's projections. "I'm looking forward to a Parliament where we can work closely with the independents in the House of Representatives and in the Senate whether we form a majority government or minority government", she added. (los mas...)
Padres del asesino de Dallas: "El Ejército le cambió la vida"
- Julio 12, 2016

En Baton Rougue (Luisiana), donde el martes dos policías blancos dispararon a quemarropa a un hombre negro al que ya tenían reducido, se mantuvo en términos más pacíficos, igual que en Minneapolis (Minesota), estado donde un policía mató el miércoles a un ciudadano negro dentro de su vehículo en una detención de tráfico. (los mas...)
Tinelli aprovechó y le pegó a Macri por su Tinelli aprovechó y le pegó a Macri por su "cansancio"
- Julio 12, 2016

Otro de los polémicos temas que mencionó Tinelli fue el tuit del domingo del Presidente explicando su ausencia al desfile del Bicentenario argumentando que estaba "cansado por la extenuante gira y actos". El presidente de la Nación , Mauricio Macri , anunció que no participará del desfile oficial de bandas militares que se realiza en Palermo, por estar "cansado" debido a "la extenuante gira y actos" de los últimos días. (los mas...)
Microsoft Surface Devices Rumors Microsoft Surface Devices Rumors
- Julio 12, 2016

According to Mobile & Apps , it's more likely that Microsoft will delay the release date for the Surface Pro 5 to wait for Redstone 2 or Intel's Kaby Lake processor. Another more obvious update is that the Pro 5 will have the latest generation of Intel processor. Microsoft previously launched the Pro 4 in 2015, which is reportedly the reason why no new model is going to come anytime. (los mas...)
Obama to address a divided nation at Dallas memorial service
- Julio 12, 2016

On Wednesday, the White House will host a broader meeting in what press secretary Josh Earnest called an effort at "repairing the bonds of trust that have frayed in so many communities". Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange, a black political advocacy group, was scheduled to meet with White House officials Tuesday and said that he and others are asking for "real structural reform" by providing federal aid to those police departments that "protect and treat black lives fairly". (los mas...)
Inmate grabs gun and kills two bailiffs at Berrien County courthouse
- Julio 12, 2016

Gordon reportedly wrested a gun from a police officer. He shot and killed two bailiffs before being fatally shot by other bailiffs. An inmate was shot and killed after he fatally shot two bailiffs and injured a sheriff's deputy at the Berrien County, Mich., courthouse Monday afternoon. (los mas...)
"Cristiano me dijo que marcaría el gol de la victoria" — Éder
- Julio 12, 2016

Pero el héroe no fue Cristiano Ronaldo, que con el título culmina su obra como uno de los mejores futbolistas de la historia , sino Éder, quien ingresó en el minuto 79 para inventarse un disparo raso que entró pegado al palo cuando iniciaba la segunda parte de la prórroga. (los mas...)
Portugal campeón de la Eurocopa Portugal campeón de la Eurocopa
- Julio 12, 2016

Desde el domingo que se coronaron, Cristiano no ha hablado de su lesión , solo se ha referido al gran cetro que han conseguido y se ha dedicado a mostrar por Facebook y su Twitter fotos de la celebración y del recibimiento que tuvieron en Lisboa. (los mas...)