Campeón olímpico en el ciclismo de ruta — Van Avermaet Campeón olímpico en el ciclismo de ruta — Van Avermaet
- Agosto 07, 2016

Poco importa para la afición colombiana, que pasó del todo a la nada en el fugaz instante que separó al Henao veloz de dorsal encorvada y puños aferrados al manillar al herido ciclista, desparramado en la cuneta y con la mirada desesperada en busca de una bicicleta que finalmente avistaría unos metros más adelante, junto al cuerpo igualmente tendido de Nibali . (los mas...)
'The Bachelorette' Recap: Men Tell All And Chad Confronts JoJo
- Agosto 07, 2016

Instead of leaving things at that, Chad chose to tear JoJo's final two suitors apart on live television. However, the sneak peek of the finale also seemed to point out that while Fletcher may pick Rodgers, there is the possibility of her changing her mind. (los mas...)
Jeremy Corbyn Endorses South Shields Meeting
- Agosto 07, 2016

Geraint Davies's pledge followed a meeting of Swansea West Labour Party members, for the goal of making a supporting nomination in the Labour Leadership Contest. The group quit their posts amid Mr Corbyn's leadership turmoil in protest at their belief their advice would never be implemented in Government under his stewardship. (los mas...)
Panamá será la próxima sede de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud
- Agosto 07, 2016

Francisco ya había defendido con decisión este concepto en el vuelo hacia esa ciudad para participar en la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud (JMJ), donde manifestó que el mundo está en guerra, pero "no es una guerra entre religiones". Luego de varios meses de expectativa, el papa Francisco dio el anuncio esperado por todos los miembros de la Iglesia católica panameña. El papa Francisco se despidió ayer de los polacos con un "dowidzenia" (adiós), al asomarse a la ventana de la sede del ... (los mas...)
High court: School can block transgender teen from boys room
- Agosto 07, 2016

Grim's case is protesting a policy passed by Virginia's Gloucester County School Board that states students must use the restroom that corresponds with their "biological" sex. The school division has argued that it made every effort to accommodate Grimm, including opening several unisex restrooms to the entire school. However, if the court refuses to hear the case, the stay will dissolve. (los mas...)
Ansbach explosion: Bomber pledged allegiance to IS Ansbach explosion: Bomber pledged allegiance to IS
- Agosto 07, 2016

The explosion went off in the centre of the city of Ansbach, not far from where more than 2,500 people had gathered for the concert, at around 10 pm (2000 GMT). In yet another violent attack, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested in a city near Stuttgart on Sunday after killing a pregnant woman and injuring two other people with a machete. (los mas...)
3-term House incumbent loses Kansas primary
- Agosto 07, 2016

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the House Freedom Caucus, issued a statement Wednesday decrying the result, saying Huelskamp has stood up for the values of those he represents and has consistently said "no to "business as usual" in Washington". (los mas...)
"El Estado Islámico nos ha declarado la guerra" — Hollande
- Agosto 07, 2016

La televisión local ofreció imágenes de un fuerte despliegue tanto de las fuerzas de seguridad como de los bomberos y servicios sanitarios en torno a la iglesia de la calle Gambetta, en el centro de Saint Etienne du Rouvray . La información se dio a conocer apenas unos minutos después de que el presidente de Francia, François Hollande , revelara en una conferencia de prensa, celebrada a metros de la iglesia donde tuvo lugar la toma de rehenes , que los secuestradores pertenecían al ... (los mas...)
Japan may keep missile interception order Japan may keep missile interception order
- Agosto 07, 2016

With the launch of its latest ballistic missiles this year, North Korea has dragged Japan into its ongoing tussle with South Korea and the United States over the deployment of a U.S. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the United States continues to be concerned about North Korea's behavior and considers it critical to work with the worldwide community, including China and Russian Federation, to urge the North Korean government to stop the launches. (los mas...)
Hillary Clinton accepts nomination at Democratic National Convention, criticizes Donald Trump Hillary Clinton accepts nomination at Democratic National Convention, criticizes Donald Trump
- Agosto 07, 2016

On a raucous Thursday evening in Philadelphia , Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept the nomination of a major United States party. Virtually every minute of Clinton's convention conveyed her history as a woman "in the arena", as President Obama put it in a nod to Theodore Roosevelt. (los mas...)
Orlando mayor wants city to buy Pulse nightclub for memorial Orlando mayor wants city to buy Pulse nightclub for memorial
- Agosto 07, 2016

On Wednesday, Dyer visited the makeshift memorial with the prime minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel. "If the City and the property owners jointly agree it is in the best interest of the community that the City acquires the property, then the City will move forward with that public process to do so", said Cassandra Anne Lafser, spokesperson for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer . (los mas...)
Indian PM Modi slams cow vigilantes Indian PM Modi slams cow vigilantes
- Agosto 07, 2016

A new app was also launched to allow mobile users to connect with website of the Prime Minister's Office. During interactions, Modi also made it clear that citizens must participate in the process of democracy. PM Modi in his townhall spoke about multitude of issues and highlighted that accountability is important for good governance. He noted that the department of health, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, is working towards strengthening the network for affordable health ... (los mas...)
Jornada Mundial de la Juventud cierra con multitudinaria misa del Papa Francisco
- Agosto 07, 2016

Francisco participó en este Vía Crucis, una de las ceremonias de esta JMJ, que concluyó este domingo. "La Providencia de Dios -añadió Bergoglio- siempre nos precede". En la espectacular explanada bautizada como Campo de la Misericordia , y ante cerca de dos millones de jóvenes que pasaron toda la noche allí, Francisco les animó a defender "una nueva humanidad ". (los mas...)
Klopp remarks pave way for Benteke's Liverpool exit Klopp remarks pave way for Benteke's Liverpool exit
- Agosto 06, 2016

During my career, away trips with Ireland became wonderful social events as well as serious football matches, with our manager Jack Charlton giving us great freedom when the time was right. Per , during his time with the west Midlands club, the former Genk attacker netted 42 goals in 82 Premier League matches. We had to start by ourselves without watching what others are doing. (los mas...)
New LG V20 to be the world's first phone to… New LG V20 to be the world's first phone to…
- Agosto 03, 2016

There is a lot of pressure from LG at this point, as its latest release , the LG G5 did not do so well in the market. These devices will undoubtedly overshadow any other device announced during these two months , which means that the LG V20 will face major competition from Samsung's and Apple's new offerings. (los mas...)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 boasts 'eye-catching' new feature Samsung Galaxy Note 7 boasts 'eye-catching' new feature
- Agosto 03, 2016

Koh Dong-jin, Samsung Electronics' mobile communications business chief, introduces the firm's new Galaxy Note 7 flagship large-sized smartphone in NY on Tuesday. Expandable memory: A microSD slot will "support up to 256 GB". In addition to Samsung Experience Shops at Best Buy, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will also be available at retailers including,, Car Toys, Sam's Club, Target and select Walmart stores. (los mas...)
Trump, Pence differ on hacking Trump, Pence differ on hacking
- Julio 29, 2016

The Donald was also referring to the 30,000-plus emails that Clinton deleted from the private email server she'd used while Secretary of State, alleging they touched on personal matters unrelated to issues of state. Trump's running mate, Mike Pence , took a different approach from Trump to the release of the Democratic Party emails , saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation would get to the bottom of the matter. (los mas...)
Trump campaign credits Pence for record fundraising day Trump campaign credits Pence for record fundraising day
- Julio 25, 2016

Reps. Some delegates shouted, "Endorse Trump", late in Cruz's speech. The Indiana Governor took to the stage as the party's nominee for Vice President and nearby on the floor of the Quicken Loans arena, the GOP's Hoosier delegation took a little extra pride in the event. (los mas...)
Clinton, Kaine make first official appearance in Miami
- Julio 24, 2016

Clinton announced Kaine as her running mate via text message and Twitter on Friday evening. "I'm right where I want to be..." Clinton leads Trump by about 2 percentage points in Florida polling averages; the state has invariably been close in recent presidential elections. (los mas...)
Kabali fever takes over Chennai, Mumbai; fans watch 5am show Kabali fever takes over Chennai, Mumbai; fans watch 5am show
- Julio 23, 2016

He doesn't need a festival to get the window for release. Thalaiva returns to the silver screen with his latest offering "Kabali", one of the most anticipated movies of the year! Here Kabali is representing Rajinikanth in a new gangster role which is really loved by the audience. (los mas...)