Hafiz Saeed Khan airstrike death is yet another blow to ISIS
- Agosto 16, 2016

US Air Strike which was held on Pakistan and Afghan Border region last month on July 26th, killed IS leader Hafiz Saeed Khan . "Khan was known to directly participate in attacks against US and coalition forces", Deputy Press Secretary Gordon Trowbridge said in a statement . (los mas...)
Week In Politics: Trump's Comments, Clinton's Taxes Week In Politics: Trump's Comments, Clinton's Taxes
- Agosto 15, 2016

After days of alleging repeatedly that President Barack Obama literally founded the Islamic State group, Donald Trump abruptly shifted tone on Friday and insisted his widely debunked claim had been sarcastic . Trump has used the sarcasm defense before. More than 70 Republicans had signed the letter, according to news reports, which quoted it as saying Trump's "divisiveness, recklessness, incompetence and record-breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a Democratic ... (los mas...)
With rare humility, Trump concedes he could come up short With rare humility, Trump concedes he could come up short
- Agosto 15, 2016

During Hewitt's interview with Trump , the candidate both doubled-down on his claim that Obama is "the founder of ISIS" while also clarifying that he meant USA foreign policy under the Obama administration failed to prevent the rise of ISIS . (los mas...)
6 dead after plane that left Kissimmee crashes 6 dead after plane that left Kissimmee crashes
- Agosto 15, 2016

The Tuscaloosa Police Department confirms to affiliate ABC 33/40 that they are on the scene of a deadly plane crash in Tuscaloosa County. The Oxford Eagle reports two of the six killed are local dentists Jason and Lea Farese . They were staying with friends, according to Dr. Farese's uncle, Steve Farese, who is a defense attorney in Memphis. Officials said they encountered engine problems around Tuscaloosa. (los mas...)
Rain that caused deadly Md. flood a '1-in-1000' year event
- Agosto 15, 2016

Every business near the river on the town's historic Main Street had suffered major damage, including building fronts torn off and doors stripped away, county officials said . Soon after, the video shows a group of men link arms and stretch out towards the vehicle, eventually pulling the woman from her auto to safety. Cover says Watsula also enjoyed working out at an area gym. (los mas...)
Boko Haram leadership row exposes rift
- Agosto 15, 2016

The Islamic State militant group on Wednesday announced Abu Musab al-Barnawi as its West African affiliate 'Boko Haram's new leader. Al-Barnawi was featured in the latest issue of an ISIL magazine. However, Shekau, whose group pledged allegiance to IS in March previous year, dismissed Barnawi as an infidel who condoned living in an un-Islamic society without waging jihad. (los mas...)
Frustration abundant, GOP could be near breaking point Trump Frustration abundant, GOP could be near breaking point Trump
- Agosto 15, 2016

Trump has threatened to stop fundraising for the Republican Party after TIME reported that party brass is looking to ditch the GOP nominee, focusing on down-ballot candidates instead. "I'm not at a breaking point, but I don't like where it's heading", he said. McConnell warned that if Republicans lose their grip on the Senate after the November election, their ability "to impact judicial appointments will be considerably diminished". (los mas...)
Washington Monument closed again as elevator stuck Washington Monument closed again as elevator stuck
- Agosto 15, 2016

Two employees and one NPS volunteer are on board. According to the National Mall and Memorial Parks the elevator was stuck between 490' and 500'. The three workers inside the elevator along with the other visitors on the observation level were safely evacuated from the monument. (los mas...)
Time has come to expose Pakistan's atrocities in PoK, Balochistan: PM Modi Time has come to expose Pakistan's atrocities in PoK, Balochistan: PM Modi
- Agosto 15, 2016

Disappointingly, however, nothing concrete resulted from the four-hour meeting. "The peace in Kashmir is disturbed by cross-border terrorism encouraged by Pakistan". Modi said that his government was committed to national security, but there can not be any compromise with the country's regional integrity. "Over 90 hand grenades, 5,000 grenades, 90 light machine guns, 350 missile launchers and 34,000 AK-47s have been recovered in Kashmir since 1989", said Rajnath Singh after all party meet. (los mas...)
Former Bush official: Clinton would make a 'darn good' president
- Agosto 15, 2016

Trump has been talking about. Tapper showed a clip of a man who attended a rally, Darrell Vickers, and was sitting behind Trump when he made his Second Amendment comment about stopping Clinton, which set off a political firestorm. "Manafort did not address the question in any meaningful sense". "He is under audit, when the audit is completed, he'll release his returns", Manafort maintained. (los mas...)
Moving Wildfire Prompts Mandatory Evacuations In Lake County Moving Wildfire Prompts Mandatory Evacuations In Lake County
- Agosto 15, 2016

The houses of about 3,000 people in a subdivision also are threatened. State Sen. Mike McGuire, whose district includes the fire-ravaged Lake County, was on his way to Lower Lake Sunday morning to check out the burn zone with the sheriff's department. (los mas...)
Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call Georgia officer shot dead while responding to call
- Agosto 15, 2016

Officers returned fire and wounded one of the suspects. The 31-year-old officer was shot when he got of out his patrol auto. Lewis Smith is also an officer at the Glenwood Police Department in Wheeler County. Smith was rushed to an area hospital where he died. According to Smith's Facebook page, he is a father of two children. Whitley said Smith was responding to a suspicious person call when he encountered the suspect, exited his patrol vehicle and was shot. (los mas...)
Suspected rebels kill at least 36 civilians in eastern Congo Suspected rebels kill at least 36 civilians in eastern Congo
- Agosto 15, 2016

Local army spokesman Mak Hazukay told Reuters that the attack was staged in the early evening by rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan militia group that has operated in eastern Congo since the 1990s. A provincial human rights activist, Jackson Kasereka, said residents were "burning tires" in the streets to protest the massacre and the government's failure to protect them. (los mas...)
Thai junta accused of exploiting bombings for political ends
- Agosto 15, 2016

Thai authorities know who was behind a wave of bombings that rocked popular tourist destinations and killed four people, a police spokesman said yesterday, though officials remained tight-lipped on the details of their probe. Police believe more than one individual was involved in that attack, he said. Article 44 and other laws allow the temporary detention of suspects without due process or accountability. (los mas...)
Diputado venezolano rechaza calificativo de "crisis humanitaria" en el país
- Agosto 15, 2016

Las oficinas de las Naciones Unidas en Venezuela , los que están en el territorio han dicho que eso no es verdad, que aquí no hay crisis de esa magnitud. "Esta situación de acaparamiento y especulación no es nueva, en el 2007 sucedió lo mismo, se creó Pdval (Productora y Distribuidora Venezolana de Alimentos) por orden del comandante Chávez, Pdvsa ( Petróleos de Venezuela ) se encargó de distribuir más de 800.000 toneladas de productos". (los mas...)
Expertos en seguridad nacional tildan a Trump de "peligroso"
- Agosto 15, 2016

Trump "se caga de miedo" ante la idea de ganar la candidatura presidencial , y "se acuesta todos los días excitado por la atención mediática que conseguirá al día siguiente y preocupado de realmente poder vencer, inseguro de cómo salir del aprieto en que se encuentra", escribió Drier en el Huffington Post en octubre pasado. (los mas...)
Boko Haram difunde nuevo video con niñas secuestradas de Chibok
- Agosto 15, 2016

Un miliciano del grupo yijadista Boko Haram pide en el video , a los padres de las llamadas niñas de Chibok, que exijan al gobierno nigeriano la puesta en libertad de sus militantes a cambio de la liberación de sus hijas. Las niñas aparecen con el velo islámico a las espaldas del portavoz. El video muestra entonces las imágenes de los cadáveres de algunas de ellas. (los mas...)
Michigan Treasury now owns Tesla stock despite sales ban Michigan Treasury now owns Tesla stock despite sales ban
- Agosto 15, 2016

The Michigan Department of Treasury bought about $48 million of Tesla Motors Inc. stock for state retirement funds in the second quarter, increasing its shares 224 percent in the electric-car builder that is banned from selling cars here. (los mas...)
Stabbing reported at Bowling Green church Stabbing reported at Bowling Green church
- Agosto 15, 2016

The victim was taken to the Medical Center in Bowling Green by ambulance, where his current condition is unknown. Police are not releasing the identity of the father or the son at this time, but members of the congregation say both men filled out first time visitor cards at the beginning of the sermon, and said they were visiting from Arkansas. (los mas...)
Trump's bad week was thanks largely to Republicans, not Democrats
- Agosto 14, 2016

Due to the recent gaffes made by Trump after the conclusion of two back-to-back conventions last week, Clinton now has the support of 48 per cent of the potential voters as against Trump's 33 per cent, a new McClatchy-Marist poll said. Even somebody with Donald Trump's knack for PR will have a hard time portraying these poll numbers as terrific. A military mother at a town hall meeting in Carson City, Nevada , asked vice presidential candidate Mike Pence to share his thoughts after ... (los mas...)