La Guaira: Asesinan a transportista en la Caracas
- Febrero 12, 2016

El cuerpo del hombre fue abandonado en la cuneta de la autopista, a la altura de la pantalla de Gramoven. Un transportista perteneciente a la Línea José María Vargas en la autopista Caracas-La Guaira, fue asesinado este viernes según informó el periodista Edgar Pulgar. (los mas...)
Microsoft financials raise doubts over the future of Windows Phone Microsoft financials raise doubts over the future of Windows Phone
- Enero 30, 2016

Although Microsoft's revenue was down from the $26.4 billion it  reported  for last year's second quarter, investors appeared pleased with the results, as shares jumped around 4 percent in after-hours trading to $54.10. Last quarter,  Microsoft  broke out results for its different business units for the first time and thankfully, the company didn't make any changes to this process this time around. (los mas...)
Microsoft Launches Ringtone Maker App for Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft Launches Ringtone Maker App for Windows 10 Mobile
- Enero 29, 2016

The new app features TripAdvisor's comprehensive booking tools, including the TripAdvisor instant booking platform, which allows travelers to easily compare hotel options, check prices and availability and book their accommodation on TripAdvisor. (los mas...)
Possible Tornado Touchdown in Coconut Creek Possible Tornado Touchdown in Coconut Creek
- Enero 27, 2016

Several vehicles were tossed by strong winds early Wednesday in Broward County, including one accident that closed the Florida Turnpike. At least six cars were damaged in the parking lot at the nearby north campus of Broward College, said Coconut Creek police spokesman Henry Cabrera. (los mas...)
David Bowie fans sign petition to stop Kanye West tribute album David Bowie fans sign petition to stop Kanye West tribute album
- Enero 22, 2016

I invite everyone who hates West for his arrogance to start similar petitions against Lou Reed, Axl Rose, and the fucking Beatles. 38 Degrees user Peter Piranha's has 18,955 at the time of writing. It's one of many petitions to be launched in the wake of the rock icon's death. West was universally criticized for his self-aggrandizing publicity stunt, and music fans in general and Taylor Swift devotes in particular have never forgiven the notorious rapper. (los mas...)
UK judge: 2 Russians Killed Ex-Agent Litvinenko
- Enero 21, 2016

Litvinenko died at the age of 43, days after being poisoned with radioactive polonium-210. And Owen wrote that he was also "sure" that the two men who poisoned Litvinenko - former KGB and FSB employee Andrei Lugovoi and former Russian army officer Dmitri Kovtun - were acting on behalf of others, probably the Russian spy service, the FSB . (los mas...)
Iowa Man Claims $1M Jackpot Prize
- Enero 21, 2016

Shari Fortson gives her mother, 89 year-old Janet Fortson, a Powerball ticket as a birthday gift, at Russ's Market in Lincoln, Neb., Monday, Jan. 11, 2016. "After coming down from this big frenzy... people don't respond". Though Powerball and Mega Millions sales shrank in recent years, the New Jersey Lottery's overall sales have been climbing steadily. (los mas...)
Saudi Arabia is 'panicking,' the 2 countries can coexist — Iran
- Enero 21, 2016

Given that he is the only figure who could directly overrule the Guardian Council's decisions, the vast majority of the disqualifications will therefore likely stand. Sudan has also trained thousands of Yemeni troops. Iran sacked a senior security official over his failure to stop the attack on Riyadh's embassy. (los mas...)
Guzman's USA extradition could take a year
- Enero 21, 2016

Screen grab from a handout video taken on January 8, 2016 and released by the Mexican Navy showing marines assaulting a house and capturing a foe during the operation to recapture Mexico's most wanted drug kingpin, Joaquin "El Chapo Guzman" Guzman in Los Mochis, Mexico . (los mas...)
Sarah Palin Blames Son's Alleged Domestic Abuse On Obama
- Enero 21, 2016

It's a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder, even have to question if they're respected anymore. "It starts from the top", said Palin. "Do you think it's fair to link the president with her son's issues?" Track Palin , 26, an Iraq war veteran , was arrested at the home he shares with his parents for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face, kicking her in the knee and possessing an AR-15 assault rifle while intoxicated. (los mas...)
Microsoft's insane Android alarm app wants you to make faces at 6AM Microsoft's insane Android alarm app wants you to make faces at 6AM
- Enero 21, 2016

Alarm clocks suck, mostly because they take you from a happy place (the warm bosom of slumber) to a hellhole (normal life). Microsoft says that the Mimics require you to be alert, smart, and use yourself and your surroundings. If you don't successfully finish the task within a certain amount of time the app will assume you've fallen back asleep and will sound the alarm again. (los mas...)
Westchester DA Janet DiFiore Could Become NY State's Top Judge
- Enero 21, 2016

She said that she favors extending statewide the terms of the five-county settlement from 2014 ensuring criminal defendants have a lawyer at their first court appearance where bail is often set. Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman retired December 31, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 in May. The court's first, Judith Kaye, died January 7. (los mas...)
Churches Help Flint Residents Cope with Water Crisis
- Enero 21, 2016

Tapper invited the mayor to appear on his program again to ensure that government officials did not ignore the water crisis. The House voted unanimously Wednesday, and the measure moves to the Senate for expected action next week. Actions always speak louder than words, and we will need to await the actions of the Obama administration following up on his supportive words. The topic of the first session is "What happened: How did we get here?" But the federal Environmental Protection Agency ... (los mas...)
Obama celebrates return of prisoners, announces sanctions Obama celebrates return of prisoners, announces sanctions
- Enero 21, 2016

The publication further revealed that among the U.S. prisoners released were Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter; Saeed Abedini, a pastor from Idaho; Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. "We're not going to waver in the defense of our security or that of our allies and partners", Obama said. "They're civilians, and their release is a one-time gesture to Iran given the unique opportunity offered by this moment and the larger circumstances at play", Obama said. (los mas...)
Colombia frees group of rebels to bolster peace talks
- Enero 21, 2016

The FARC rebels have been in talks with the Government seeking to end a 51-year conflict that has left almost a quarter of a million victims. It also aims to ensure acid victims receive better state medical care. Victims often undergo months of reconstructive surgery and psychological therapy.  There were concerns in November that the final peace deal would miss the March deadline for a final deal imposed by Colombian President Manuel Santos following the agreement of a justice deal between ... (los mas...)
Governor?s emails show debate over blame for lead found in Flint water
- Enero 21, 2016

On September 25, Snyder's then-chief of staff, Dennis Muchmore, wrote to Snyder that "the issue of Flint water and its quality continues to be a challenging topic". Lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage and stunted growth in children. When The Rachel Maddow Show asked the governor's office whether the Flint-related emails from 2013 would also be publicly released, Snyder aides were non-committal. (los mas...)
Activists Call to End Refuge Occupation
- Enero 21, 2016

The letter said that the employees' response was delayed in order to avoid building up tensions even more, and while it referred to the mob as "illegal occupiers", the displaced workers...took things rather well, all things considered. The protest also spotlighted the plight of ranchers, many of whom say tough federal restrictions threaten their way of life. County officials have promised to hold such community meetings weekly for as long as residents attend them. (los mas...)
Detroit Auto Show: All You Need to Know
- Enero 21, 2016

It was 18 degrees and snowing at Detroit Metro Airport when Air Force One touched down. (All told, the US government pumped $80 billion into the auto sector and got back roughly $70 billion). While the Secret Service won't let the president drive, he later said that he planned to purchase a Volt when he left the White House. Since 2009, US auto production has more than doubled, and the industry has added 646,000 new jobs-a huge contributor to the increase of more than 900,000 USA ... (los mas...)
Detroit schools say 45000 students missed classes after teacher sick-out
- Enero 21, 2016

The Detroit school district has filed a lawsuit to try to stop sick-outs by teachers as thousands of students again were forced to stay home. Hundreds of people marched in front of Cobo Center on Wednesday in protest of the state of the city's schools, which have been said to have over-crowded conditions, rats and roaches, and infrastructure shortcomings. (los mas...)
2015 was the warmest year on record
- Enero 21, 2016

Temperatures reached 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average in 2015. A year ago alone, 10 months had record high temperatures for their respective months. Karl and Schmidt both said 2015 would have been a record without El Nino. The 2015 temperatures continue a long-term warming trend, according to analyses by scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York (GISTEMP). (los mas...)