Christopher Lloyd: estrella invitada en The Big Bang Theory
- Noviembre 11, 2016

Christopher Lloyd se une por tanto a una extensa lista de cameos archiconocidos como Judd Hirsch, actor encargado de interpretar al padre de Leonard. Eso sí, no adelantaron detalles del personaje que hará el actor, de 78 años de edad. Lo que sí han comentado los 'showrunner' es que están "muy emocionados" con la posibilidad de trabajar con Lloyd: "Creo que hemos creado un papel divertido que los fans van a disfrutar realmente". (los mas...)
Colorado joins 5 states to allow physician-aided death for terminally ill Colorado joins 5 states to allow physician-aided death for terminally ill
- Noviembre 11, 2016

Additionally, the Supreme Court of Montana allows a doctor, if prosecuted or sued for assisting in a suicide, to raise the defense that a person consented. Two doctors must affirm that the patient has six months or less to live. Colorado is now the fifth state in the country with a similar law, joining Oregon, Washington , California and Vermont. (los mas...)
Berkeley high school students stage walk-out
- Noviembre 10, 2016

One demonstrator displayed a sign to the police standing in their path that read , "Trump is a fascist pig". There were no arrests and reports of some minor vandalism, including a Dumpster fire in downtown Portland. The Seattle protest began late Tuesday night. In nearby San Diego, 500 students marches across their campus, shouting: "F*** Donald Trump ". Protesters expressed their concerns over Islamophobia, racism, homophobia and sexism - issues which arose during the Republican ... (los mas...)
Gov. Mike Pence Campaigns in Traverse City One Day Before Election Day
- Noviembre 10, 2016

The Republican vice-presidential candidate also said the early American churches were the ones that spoke against slavery and King George's tyranny. "We are leading in one national poll after another and we will win in Michigan", Pence said. (los mas...)
Florida to decide Rubio's fate, influence presidential race
- Noviembre 09, 2016

But part of the increase can also be attributed to Gov. Rick Scott (R)'s decision in 2013 to reverse some of the most restrictive voting laws his state passed before the previous election. But like 73-year-old Wanda Bass who voted for Donald Trump at a church in nearby Waldo on Tuesday morning, 49-year-old Voigt says she's just happy that the election is nearly over. (los mas...)
Tim Kaine says Clinton is the 'underdog' Tim Kaine says Clinton is the 'underdog'
- Noviembre 09, 2016

The Clinton campaign continued to work hard to secure the North Carolina vote on Monday. Kaine says he has enjoyed campaigning across the country and spending time here in Wisconsin the past week. Hillary Clinton's running mate left with an "I Voted" sticker on his jacket. We're seeing already long lines all across the country as the polls are opening. (los mas...)
This Election Could Be Historic-for the Legalization of Weed This Election Could Be Historic-for the Legalization of Weed
- Noviembre 09, 2016

Nevada's Question 1 would make it so people can't sell or transfer firearms to one another without a licensed dealer conducting a federal background check. Passage of Amendment 2 would permit qualified patients to possess and obtain cannabis from state-licensed facilities. An amendment is far more hard to reverse, whereas the state legislature could dismantle the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act should it choose to do so. (los mas...)
Google casts Election Day reminder doodle
- Noviembre 08, 2016

Keen to encourage US citizens to get out and cast their vote on Tuesday - or before in locations where early voting is available - Google has posted a new Doodle to remind Americans of this week's presidential election. NBC , PBS , MTV , Bloomberg , Telemundo , The Young Turks , and Complex News will each be streaming coverage live on YouTube beginning at 7:00PM ET. (los mas...)
Kid Cudi is back! Kid Cudi is back!
- Noviembre 08, 2016

The rapper was joined by Pharrell and Travis Scott. At the time, he told fans that his sixth album was still on the way and that "if all goes well" he would be at ComplexCon . "I am not at peace". On October 5, the Cleveland rapper wrote an open letter to his fans on Facebook revealing that he had chose to enter a treatment facility to manage feelings of hopelessness. (los mas...)
Uber carga a usuarios impuestos por seguro y validación vehicular Uber carga a usuarios impuestos por seguro y validación vehicular
- Noviembre 08, 2016

Un movimiento que pone a pensar a la competencia. " Cuota de Solicitud: es una tarifa fija de 2.00 pesos (incluyendo IVA), que se sumará a cada viaje y que ayuda a financiar iniciativas de seguridad y otros costos operativos". Cargo para otras contribuciones . Cargo de contribución gubernamental . Cargo de Contribución Estatal: cuota fija para los usuarios de la Ciudad de México equivalente al 1.5 por ciento del costo total de cada viaje solicitado. (los mas...)
No le importan las críticas, Anaya viaja a Atlanta No le importan las críticas, Anaya viaja a Atlanta
- Noviembre 07, 2016

De acuerdo con testigos, Anaya Cortés llegó a la puerta de abordaje sin contratiempos, espero algunos momentos revisando su teléfono celular y abordó, formándose en la fila de pasajeros para entregar su boleto y recorrer los pasillos que llevaron a la aeronave. (los mas...)
'Fall Back' Means Time To Check Smoke Alarms 'Fall Back' Means Time To Check Smoke Alarms
- Noviembre 06, 2016

Some newer smoke alarms are made with lithium-ion batteries that last as long as the unit - ten years and these batteries are not replaceable. But what if the smoke alarm itself needs to be changed? Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. (los mas...)
Nuevo sondeo pone a Hillary como ganadora Nuevo sondeo pone a Hillary como ganadora
- Noviembre 05, 2016

No caigan en el cinismo fácil que dice que su voto no importa. La otra mitad se inclinaba por los demás candidatos. El 9 % de las referencias de las reparten el aspirante libertario, Gary Johnson, y la candidata verde Jill Stein, y el resto corresponde a personas que todavía no se han decidido. (los mas...)
Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld makes case for Hillary Clinton presidency Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld makes case for Hillary Clinton presidency
- Noviembre 04, 2016

I worked with her, I know her professionally. "I'm here vouching for Mrs. Clinton, and I think it's high time somebody did", Weld said in the interview . Regardless of party, an emphasis on a clearer path to immigration is the most moral (allowing for a right to migrate and self-ownership), the most sustainable (in 2013 border security cost United States taxpayers $12 billion), and the most in line with the principles that the Libertarian Party (and the United States) stands for. (los mas...)
Así actuó el 'justiciero' del autobús en La Marquesa Así actuó el 'justiciero' del autobús en La Marquesa
- Noviembre 04, 2016

En el video difundido por la dependencia, se puede ver a Alejandro Jaime Gómez Sánchez al interior del autobús detallando la posición y el lugar de los asaltantes y de la persona que les disparó, luego de que robaron a los pasajeros. Uno de los asaltantes se queda con el chofer, mientras el resto se dirige a despojar a los pasajeros de teléfonos celulares y carteras, mientras el autobús avanza por la carretera. (los mas...)
México crecería aún si Trump gana: Meade México crecería aún si Trump gana: Meade
- Noviembre 03, 2016

El titular de la Secretaría de Hacienda, José Antonio Meade , descartó una intervención del mercado cambiario -a través de la venta directa de dólares- para frenar la depreciación del peso mexicano, provocada por el nuevo repunte de Donald Tump en las preferencias electorales de EU. (los mas...)
Bills Bills "Must Win" at Seattle
- Noviembre 03, 2016

The Tom Brady we're seeing in 2016 isn't at all like the one we were expecting, but maybe we shouldn't be surprised. To be strict, if Brady did anything, it happened long before this year . Former Bills legend Jim Kelly has noticed, which is why he "doesn't mind" saying Brady is the best quarterback of all time. With a QB rating of 100 (which is perfect) through 4 games it is clear he has found that part of his game again. (los mas...)
Trump Pulls Even With Clinton In North Carolina Trump Pulls Even With Clinton In North Carolina
- Noviembre 02, 2016

In the same North Carolina poll taken one month ago, Clinton led Trump by almost 6 percentage points. Men continue to prefer Trump by a 56-44 split. Survey results in this news release present responses from registered voters who were classified as likely voters in the November 8 election and has a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percentage points. (los mas...)
Vietnam reports 1st microcephaly birth likely linked to Zika
- Noviembre 02, 2016

All total, as of October 26 , there are 4,091 Zika cases in the U.S. There have been six other infections in the neighboring Binh Duong, Long An and Tra Vinh Provinces in the Mekong Delta, and Dak Lak, Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen in the central region. (los mas...)
Fórmula 1: Gran Premio de México, míralo EN VIVO Fórmula 1: Gran Premio de México, míralo EN VIVO
- Noviembre 01, 2016

Hamilton superó a su compañero de equipo, Nico Rosberg , y Sebastian Vettel ( Ferrari ). Con adrenalina e intensidad pura arrancó este domingo pasado el medio día el Gran Premio de la Ciudad de México en el majestuoso Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez , una de las últimas fechas en el calendario mundial de la Fórmula 1. (los mas...)