Secretario de Cultura se encuentra en revisión médica en Hospital Militar
- Diciembre 11, 2016

El secretario de Cultura, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa está hospitalizado en Houston por problemas de salud derivados de una neumonía, así lo reportó Raymundo Riva Palacio, director de contenido de Capital Media. La Secretaría de Cultura fue creada en este sexenio. Tovar y de Teresa fue nombrado secretario de Cultura por el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto el 21 de diciembre de 2015, tras impulsar la transformación del entonces Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Conaculta) en ... (los mas...)
6 more babies, 4 in NYC, born with Zika, health officials say
- Diciembre 10, 2016

The CDC also has travel advisories listed for most of the countries in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean region. Prompted by the additional cases, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission is expanding the Medicaid benefit for mosquito repellent beyond December 31 for residents of Cameron County. (los mas...)
Housing market constraints threaten economy, RICS warns Housing market constraints threaten economy, RICS warns
- Diciembre 10, 2016

A lack of stock continues to drive up house prices and slow sales activity across the East Midlands according to the latest Residential Housing Market Survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Rics' residential property spokesman in Northern Ireland Samuel Dickey, sayid: "A key issue for the housing market has been the impact on transaction activity since the spring". (los mas...)
Controversial NSW lockout laws softened Controversial NSW lockout laws softened
- Diciembre 10, 2016

The new recommendations for relaxing the laws were overseen by former High Court judge Ian Callinan. Also, the 10pm ban on home takeaway alcohol sales will be pushed to 11pm and home delivery to midnight. While the review found the lockout laws to be successful in providing "much safer, quieter and cleaner areas", it acknowledged that genuine live-music, arts and entertainment venues have been suffering. (los mas...)
Ecuador registra 3.294 nuevos casos de VIH Ecuador registra 3.294 nuevos casos de VIH
- Diciembre 10, 2016

Se pudo evidenciar que la relación hombre / mujer es de 2.5 hombres vs 1 mujer y en cuanto a los casos de mujeres embarazadas con VIH que realizan tratamiento con un seguimiento adecuado se han registrado buenos resultados. - Hoy es el Día Mundial de Lucha contra el Sida y se le ha conmemorado con el lema " Levantemos las manos por la #PrevenciónVIH ". Autoridades de Honduras y el Programa Conjunto de Naciones Unidas sobre VIH y Sida ( ONUSIDA ) reafirmaron este miércoles ... (los mas...)
USF names Weist interim coach after losing Taggart to Oregon
- Diciembre 10, 2016

Weist will be the Bulls interim coach for the remainder of 2016. But they are also likely to pour over the resumes of some coaches at the small schools as well as Power 5 coordinators. By comparison, USC signed 16 ESPN 300 prospects that year following a 9-4 season. Playing under legendary head coach Joe Kinnan, Taggart won the Class 5A state championship as a junior and was an all-state quarterback as a senior. (los mas...)
Illinois governor signs bill sparing nuke plants Illinois governor signs bill sparing nuke plants
- Diciembre 09, 2016

The legislation signed Wednesday provides up to $235 million annually in ZEC support to the plants for 10 years, subject to certain conditions. Critics, such as BEST Coalition , a nonprofit that opposes the deal, says the nuclear plants aren't needed because IL produces 41 percent more energy than it needs and exports the excess. (los mas...)
Ethnic minorities urged to sign up for organ donation Ethnic minorities urged to sign up for organ donation
- Diciembre 08, 2016

Lesley Ford, from Letchworth, received the award on behalf of her son, Daniel Ward. Mohit's family had donated his vital organs - liver and kidney - at a private hospital in the city, where he had undergone treatment for an injury suffered in January 30 previous year. (los mas...)
Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has hernia surgery Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has hernia surgery
- Diciembre 08, 2016

After a disappointing 2015 season cut short due to an offseason injury, Pierre-Paul has registered some of the better numbers of his career including a second-best on the team seven sacks this season. "There are going to need to be different things we might have to do". "Not too many details that I know of". New York's revamped defense has had a major impact on the team's improvement in 2016, as the Giants have already won two more games (8-4) than they did a year ago. (los mas...)
Just 1 Cigarette A Day Can Lead To Earlier Death Just 1 Cigarette A Day Can Lead To Earlier Death
- Diciembre 08, 2016

Hence, the researchers could not compare the effects of smoking every other day, every few days, or weekly, for example. They relied exclusively on people remembering their smoking habits over the past few decades. The study also showed very little benefit from cutting back from two packs a day to half a pack a day, said Judith Prochaska, a researcher at Stanford University in California who wasn't involved in the study. (los mas...)
Argentina fue excluida de la prueba PISA por "incompetencia"
- Diciembre 07, 2016

Aurelio Nuño , secretario de Educación Pública, reconoció que en los últimos años México no ha tenido avances significativos en el Programa Internacional para la Evaluación de Estudiantes o Informe PISA. Todo el detalle sobre México . Mientras que en comprensión lectora subió 14 puntos, de los 384 obtenido en el 2012 a 398, llegando a la ubicación 62 de la lista, destacándose como el quinto país que más creció en el área. (los mas...)
Jimmy Carter says USA must recognise Palestine
- Diciembre 06, 2016

For all intents and purposes, the two-state solution has been killed by Israeli intransigence, the UNSC has put Palestine on the backburner, and the world has moved on despite the Palestinians having been admitted to the UN. Additional key stakeholders include the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the United States. "Between now and the end of his presidency", the Israeli prime minister said , "I expect that Obama will commit to what he said six years ago, that peace does not ... (los mas...)
Tallow-ho: UK's new plastic currency outrages vegans Tallow-ho: UK's new plastic currency outrages vegans
- Diciembre 05, 2016

A University College London researcher and vegetarian, Clive Shrubsole, Tweeted that the use of animal fats in the five-pound note is "offensive and a disgrace to all vegans and vegetarians". "Innova is now working intensively with its supply chain and will keep the Bank informed on progress towards potential solutions", Carney added. In a statement made by the CEO of The Vegetarian Society, the central bank had been responsive to them and their concerns, assuring the public that this ... (los mas...)
Indian, Afghan leaders urge end to terror support
- Diciembre 05, 2016

In his address at the 6th annual conference of Heart of Asia, Ghani, who severely criticised Islamabad, said an Asian or global mechanism must be put in place, without "playing games" to find out who was benefiting from terror, extremism and other illicit activities. (los mas...)
Sergio Ramos: Sergio Ramos: "Queda mucha liga por delante"
- Diciembre 05, 2016

Fue un partido sin ocasiones; sin Messi, ni Cristiano, ni Benzema , ni Neymar , ni Isco ni Luis Suárez , todos ellos desactivados por la presión asfixiante y la ausencia de espacios. Ya con el tiempo cumplido, el Barsa rozó la victoria en jugada confusa, pero acabó igual de desconcertado, y a la misma distancia del Madrid que como empezó la jornada, que registró también el empate sin goles entre Villarreal y Leganés y se completa con la visita del Espanyol al Atlético. (los mas...)
Sábado con máxima de 33 grados y algunas nubes, pero sin lluvias
- Diciembre 04, 2016

Vientos leves de direcciones variables. Cielo nublado . Probabilidad de lluvias y tormentas. En el parte, que emite en forma diaria el organismo, se indica que durante este sábado 3 de diciembre la temperatura tomará valores de una brecha que tendrá por punto mínimo los 17 grados y como máxima los 31. (los mas...)
US employers add 178K jobs as unemployment sinks to 4.6 pct US employers add 178K jobs as unemployment sinks to 4.6 pct
- Diciembre 04, 2016

Revisions to prior reports subtracted a total of 2,000 jobs from payrolls in the previous two months. The three-tenths of a percentage point drop in the unemployment rate last month to its lowest level since August 2007 was both the result of more people finding work as well as dropping out of the labour force. (los mas...)
Why Trump's Nominee for Health Secretary-Tom Price-Is Completely Terrifying
- Diciembre 04, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to overturn President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, which provides these plans. The federal requirement for most Americans to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty would be eliminated, as would the requirement for larger employers to offer coverage. (los mas...)
UN expert welcomes US deal to resettle Australia's refugees UN expert welcomes US deal to resettle Australia's refugees
- Diciembre 03, 2016

The confinement on Nauru amounted to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, he said . Following an 18-day mission to the country, Francois Crepeau , United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, told reporters in Canberra on Friday that the country's boat turnaround policy was "regressive and falls way behind worldwide standards". (los mas...)
USA to ban smoking in public housing USA to ban smoking in public housing
- Diciembre 02, 2016

HUD has encouraged public housing agencies to adopt smoke-free policies since 2009 and issued its proposed rule to make all public housing units smoke-free in November 2015. Some public housing authorities have also raised concerns about how they would enforce such policies. "We've never evicted anybody for this", Bennett said . (los mas...)