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'Zionists' pressuring USA to 'pass indefensible legislation', Rouhani says at UN 'Zionists' pressuring USA to 'pass indefensible legislation', Rouhani says at UN
- Setiembre 23, 2016

Rouhani hailed Iraqi people and government's hosting of multitudes of Iranian pilgrims in Arbaeen expressing hopes that in the near future, the mass pilgrimage travel would be facilitated with arrangements to waive visa for Iranians. Iran is pressing the United States to ease banking obstacles to the reopening of trade under the deal. The Iranian President said that Iran can install a power plant on the border with Pakistan to supply electricity. (los mas...)
Paris deal to receive boost at UN event Paris deal to receive boost at UN event
- Setiembre 22, 2016

The accord received a major boost earlier this month, when the United States and China, two carbon behemoths that together account for almost forty percent of global emissions, jointly announced their intention to ratify the deal. France's environment minister on Monday voiced optimism that the Paris global accord on fighting climate change will come into force by November. The European Union will enter the agreement 'in the next weeks, ' Miguel Arias Canete, the 28-member bloc's ... (los mas...)
Chinese space station will soon plummet to Earth Chinese space station will soon plummet to Earth
- Setiembre 22, 2016

An artist's view of a spacecraft's destructive reentry into Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. The space lab is orbiting at an average height of 370 kilometres and is now intact, nonetheless, based on their calculations "most parts of the space lab will burn up during falling", said Ping. (los mas...)
PERÚ: ¿Google Maps difuminó a una vaca para ′cubrir su identidad′? PERÚ: ¿Google Maps difuminó a una vaca para ′cubrir su identidad′?
- Setiembre 21, 2016

Para evitar demandas , por el uso inapropiado de imágenes personales, Google Maps difumina los rostros de los individuos que están cerca de donde capta fotografías. " Es genial ver que Google se toma en serio la privacidad de las vacas ", un mensaje irónico que le ha hecho tener más de 11.000 retuits y más de 15.000 'likes'. (los mas...)
Microsoft acaba de anunciar un nuevo smartphone Nokia
- Setiembre 21, 2016

Este nuevo teléfono tiene una pantalla QVGA - LCD de 2.4 pulgadas, con una resolución de 320 x 240 píxeles. El software está compuesto por Series 30 OS , un sistema operativo diseñado específicamente para estos dispositivos cuyas aplicaciones a ejecutar son bastante básicas, simples y livianas dado a que están basadas en HTML5. (los mas...)
Las 5 novedades en la actualización de WhatsApp
- Setiembre 21, 2016

WhatsApp ha incluido la opción de 'flash' en su cámara con el fin de incrementar la luminosidad de las fotografías, especialmente a la hora de sacar selfis con la cámara frontal del móvil. "Para activarlo, basta con hacer pinza con los dedos sobre la pantalla hasta obtener el incremento deseado, que alcanza un máximo de cuatro aumentos". (los mas...)
New Video Shows Suspect Planting Bomb Before NYC Explosion, Police Say
- Setiembre 20, 2016

One of the NY bombs was placed on 23rd street, under a dumpster. Twenty-nine people were injured in the blast, but, thankfully, there were no fatalities. "People know exactly how to make these and do them well", Tom Sanderson, a terrorism and intelligence expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said of pressure cooker explosives. (los mas...)
Resident Evil: Vendetta Film Gets First Trailer Resident Evil: Vendetta Film Gets First Trailer
- Setiembre 20, 2016

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer on the video game series of Resident Evil as well as associate producer on the films, serves as supervising producer along with Takashi Shimizu (creator of The Grudge series) as executive producer. The game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6 , and will focus on the Baker family. So far, that had amounted to a slow, corridor-crawling demo released to tease a new first-person perspective, but now we're getting a way more in-depth look at the overall ... (los mas...)
The Game disses Meek Mill, calls him a snitch The Game disses Meek Mill, calls him a snitch
- Setiembre 20, 2016

Back in January , 50 Cent and Meek Mill , two men who often brag about their experiences getting caught in real gunfire, "Traded shots and memes online". However, he mainly took the opportunity to hurl insults at the rapper. It wouldn't be right if Nicki Minaj didn't enter the fray in her beau's beef with The Game , right? The entertainment news site reported that back in June, Kingston was attacked inside a club by unknown assailants. (los mas...)
Facebook se arrepiente, quita censura a la niña desnuda de Vietnam Facebook se arrepiente, quita censura a la niña desnuda de Vietnam
- Setiembre 19, 2016

Allí, el principal diario, el Aftenposten , fue obligado a retirarla porque la niña aparecía desnuda . La imagen -que fue distinguida con el premio Pulitzer- muestra a una niña corriendo desnuda tras el bombardeo con napalm realizado en su aldea por el ejército de EU. (los mas...)
La polémica foto ¿erótica? de Shakira La polémica foto ¿erótica? de Shakira
- Setiembre 19, 2016

Claramente, se trata del reflejo de las luces de neón que decoran el estudio, pero las explicaciones no consiguieron hacer cambiar de idea a los malpensados de siempre. "Pese a ésto, muchos mostraron su incornformidad ante el hecho de criticar por criticar: "¡Yo no sé que tanto critican! Las reproches fueron tan fuertes, que hicieron eco en la cantante y, siguiendo las recomendaciones de sus fans de que se haciera pedicure , dos días después la cantante publicó una imagen en donde se ... (los mas...)
Barak: Netnayhau's fight with Obama cost Israel $4.5B in defense aid
- Setiembre 18, 2016

President Obama, no fan of Israel's current leader, declared: "America's commitment to Israel's security is unshakable". Barak and other critics say that an even more generous deal could have been achieved if Netanyahu had not campaigned so publicly and vociferously against a nuclear agreement with Iran backed by US President Barack Obama. (los mas...)
Samsung shares plunge after Note 7 smartphone recall
- Setiembre 18, 2016

After faulty batteries led to a global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Samsung Electronics will only use batteries made by China's ATL for its replacement devices, Yonhap news agency reported. Analysts said the recall could torpedo Galaxy Note 7 sales and have a lasting impact on the $211 billion company's brand image, which could derail a recovery in its smartphone market share against rivals like Apple Inc. (los mas...)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalled: What you need to do
- Setiembre 17, 2016

Samsung's Note series is one of the company's most expensive and demand for the phone had been high. In some cases they caught on fire or exploded, allegedly causing burns and property damage. Yesterday, with a total of 92 incidents received, Samsung finally issued an official recall. The Cupertino, Calif. -based firm said that availability for different iPhone finishes will vary at partner locations and recommended that customers check directly with its partners. (los mas...)
US regulators: Official recall of 1M Samsung Note 7 phones
- Setiembre 16, 2016

While Samsung acknowledged "extremely rare cases" of overheating in other devices, they were caused by "external circumstances" and not related to product quality, the company said. Its chairman, Elliot Kaye, blasted Samsung for trying to do the recall on its own, saying that anyone who believes that to be adequate "needs to have more than their phone checked". (los mas...)
LSU unveils gorgeous alternates for Mississippi State game LSU unveils gorgeous alternates for Mississippi State game
- Setiembre 16, 2016

Tittle in his uniform that inspired Saturday's look. For instance, last season against SC, the Tigers wore white helmets and white game trousers, and against Ole Miss they wore white helmets, jerseys and trousers. The block "L" is still used today as the official logo of the L Club , LSU's organization for athletics letterwinners. The jersey number is purple, and the program's old secondary cartoon Tiger logo, " Sailor Mike ", is situated at the center of the collar. (los mas...)
Apple presentó sus nuevos iPhone 7 y 7 Plus Apple presentó sus nuevos iPhone 7 y 7 Plus
- Setiembre 16, 2016

Presenta además un procesador más poderoso que permitirá correr animaciones de hasta 60 cuadros por segundo. El iPhone 7 en su versión Plus incluye dos cámaras . Los dispositivos podrán ser preordenados a partir de este 9 de septiembre y saldrán a la venta el próximo 16 de septiembre . El iphone 7 y 7 plus llegarán con nuevas tonalidades como el negro Jet Black y el negro Black junto a los tonos ya conocidos (rose gold, champagne y space gray). (los mas...)
China to launch second space laboratory China to launch second space laboratory
- Setiembre 15, 2016

It will then maneuver to a rendezvous orbit at an altitude of 393 km to dock with the Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft, which will be launched in mid-October from the Jiuquan center. The Tiangong space stations are small. It is expected to fall back to Earth in the second half of next year, she added. The space lab is also equipped with a cold atom space clock, that has an estimated precision of 10 to the power of minus 16 seconds. (los mas...)
¿Qué trae de nuevo el iOS 10 de Apple? ¿Qué trae de nuevo el iOS 10 de Apple?
- Setiembre 15, 2016

Varios usuarios se habían quejado el martes, poco después de publicarse la versión de software , de que sus teléfonos quedaron bloqueados tras la instalación. Apple aclaró a través de sus voceros que este problema solo afectó a un reducido número de usuarios durante la primera hora de disponibilidad de la descarga . (los mas...)
Pide Edward Snowden perdón a Barack Obama Pide Edward Snowden perdón a Barack Obama
- Setiembre 14, 2016

El ex agente de la CIA , Edward Snowden, le pidió a Barack Obama 'que lo perdone' sin embargo aseguró que sus acciones le hicieron bien a Estados Unidos . El estadounidense de 33 años esgrimió que cuenta con grandes apoyos, porque "al público le preocupan estos temas mucho más de lo que había anticipado". (los mas...)