Ciencia y Tecnologia

Drone video captures killer whales eating a shark alive
- Diciembre 21, 2016

Scientists say this is a normal event for killer whales , to hunt and eat their prey, the odd part is that they are not usually captured in this activity. The shark captured on the footage is estimated to be somewhere around five-feet long, although it is normal for sevengill sharks to grow as much as up to 10-feet. (los mas...)
Mysterious ghost shark caught on film for the first time
- Diciembre 20, 2016

Their heads are lined with cryptic dots, like the remnant scars of ancient stitches. They are also called ratfish, rabbitfish, and spookfish, according to Perfscience . These fish are fast and agile and generally very hard to catch. They say they'd need to collect one and analyze its DNA for a positive identification. (los mas...)
Zurich shooting: Three people injured at Islamic centre
- Diciembre 20, 2016

The suspect, a man about the age of 30, had fled the mosque, which is frequented by Somalis, police said. He was wearing dark clothing and a dark wool cap, they said. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann Police stand outside an Islamic center in central Zurich, Switzerland December 19, 2016. Across Switzerland, two thirds of its 8.3 million residents identify as Christian, but in recent years the country's Muslim population has risen to 5 per cent. (los mas...)
Russia's ambassador to Turkey dies after Ankara shooting - Moscow Russia's ambassador to Turkey dies after Ankara shooting - Moscow
- Diciembre 20, 2016

Turkey is also involved in the war in Syria - although not on the same side as Russian Federation. "This criminal act indicates that terrorists affiliated to extremist and Takfiri groups are not bound by any standards, principles or the worldwide law", the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Monday. (los mas...)
Una historia de Star Wars lidera la taquilla norteamericana — Rogue One
- Diciembre 19, 2016

Este filme es un llamado Spinoff o una historia puente entre "Episodio III: La Venganza de los Sith" y "Episodio IV: La Nueva Esperanza". La bella Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones ) y su ecléctica banda de cómplices acumularon 155 millones de dólares durante el primer fin de semana en las pantallas. (los mas...)
Messenger anunció nueva cámara integrada con efectos 3D Messenger anunció nueva cámara integrada con efectos 3D
- Diciembre 19, 2016

Asimismo, la empresa también señaló que estarán disponibles globalmente en los próximos días las nuevas funciones que enriquecerán la experiencia en la aplicación. El nuevo servicio incluye miles de pegatinas, marcos, máscaras y efectos para elegir también, los usuarios pueden personalizar exactamente como ellos quieran. (los mas...)
You Can Play Nintendo Switch Early In These Six Cities
- Diciembre 18, 2016

The first two days of each Nintendo Switch Preview Tour stop will be invite-only, only those MyNintendo users who received invites will be allowed to attend. "Early arrival is highly recommended". The demonstration of this VR headset accessory would be a nice supplement to the expected details about launch games and a launch date confirmation. (los mas...)
Vine Camera App, How to Download Vines
- Diciembre 17, 2016

Come January, the Twitter-owned service says, Vine will become Vine Camera, a "pared-down" app focused pretty much exclusively on creating short clips for sharing on Twitter. The Vine website will continue to live on, as Twitter earlier promised. Of course, if you're ready to leave Vine for good, that's still an option. (los mas...)
Twitch Launches IRL, Mobile Broadcasting Functionalities Twitch Launches IRL, Mobile Broadcasting Functionalities
- Diciembre 17, 2016

Mobile broadcasting will complement Twitch's new " IRL " content category, which allows streamers to simply broadcast their everyday lives when they're not gaming. The highlight is that all restrictions on "non-endemic" content will be lifted, allowing the streaming service to open up beyond gaming and allow for more streams in Music , Creative, Social Eating and others. (los mas...)
Jurors convict Dylann Roof on all counts in church slayings Jurors convict Dylann Roof on all counts in church slayings
- Diciembre 17, 2016

The jury of nine white people and three black people deliberated less than two hours before returning a guilty verdict on all 33 counts, including hate crimes and other charges. Prosecutors successfully objected several times to Bruck's arguments about Roof's mental health. A judge has ruled that talking about his mental state is reserved for the next phase when jurors - if they find Roof guilty - will decide he if faces the death penalty. (los mas...)
New maps and game modes LIVE today
- Diciembre 16, 2016

The remastered edition of " Modern Warfare ", which launched in November, initially came with 10 maps. The supply drops arrive as part of the game's December update. Like Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare , supply drops in Modern Warfare Remastered contain a number of cosmetic items and although you can purchase them as microtransactions using Call of Duty Points bought with real cash, you can also earn supply drops by completing challenges and accumulating Depot ... (los mas...)
Xbox One and Windows 10 Getting Dolby Atmos Support
- Diciembre 16, 2016

The app is available today on Microsoft's Xbox Store . The new app offers most of the features you would find in Dropbox on other platforms, including the ability to upload, comment on and share files. The new app was a project at Dropbox's annual hack week , when the company takes 5 days to build new projects "At this year's event, one of our engineers made a decision to prototype the app, and demoed it to other Dropboxers, showing how we can bring a new Dropbox user interface within ... (los mas...)
Ben Affleck attacks media coverage of Gigli flop Ben Affleck attacks media coverage of Gigli flop
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Such is speculated to be one of the reasons behind the extensive wait and the rather uncertain time as to when the movie will be out, despite the time line that Warner Bros. But that doesn't mean Affleck is in a huge hurry to make it happen. But things didn't remain a fairy tale for this couple as well and they separated in 2015 June. (los mas...)
Wind chill becomes factor before storm Wind chill becomes factor before storm
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Winds will be gusty Thursday night and combining with bitter temps making for a unsafe wind chill conditions. The National Weather Service says winds will be blowing from the northwest between 20 and 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph today and 60 mph tonight . (los mas...)
Trump taps Rick Perry to lead Energy Department
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Perry and making the case for how important the site and national lab are to the nation". He ran for president twice, but Rick Perry may be best known for two made-for-TV moments: uttering "oops" when he forgot the Energy Department was one of the agencies he pledged to eliminate and being a contestant on " Dancing with the Stars ". (los mas...)
'Super Mario Run' Is Live On iOS 'Super Mario Run' Is Live On iOS
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Mario responds differently depending on when you tap on the screen, so you have to get the timing right to pull off the flawless wall-jumps or hops to collect as many power-ups and coins as possible. Without a mobile connection, the game won't load, Nintendo confirmed this just before launch. You'll be acquainted with numerous level designs as they're similar to a lot of Mario games of old, like haunted houses, deserts, and the standard trees and grass, and it looks gorgeous - ... (los mas...)
Gabriel Peñalba es nuevo jugador de Cruz Azul
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Y lo hizo recriminando a Paco Jémez que no considera a Cruz Azul un equipo grande y que no dijera públicamente que el objetivo para la nueva temporada, que se inicia el próximo 7 de enero de 2017, es ganar el título . Ahora mismo, el campeonato no me interesa porque no ha llegado. Es bonito pensar en ser campeón y venir aquí y soltar un discurso de decirle a la gente que tranquilos, que vamos a luchar por el campeonato, y no. (los mas...)
Super Mario Run ya está disponible en la App Store
- Diciembre 16, 2016

En septiembre, durante la presentación el iPhone 7, Nintendo anunció que Mario Bros regresaría , a través de una aplicación móvil. Ya ha llegado el día: Super Mario Run ha aterrizado finalmente en la App Store y está disponible para descarga gratuita en dispositivos iOS . (los mas...)
Microsoft edge: Death of adobe flash player
- Diciembre 16, 2016

The new move is a continuation of a feature available released in the July 2016 Anniversary Update, in which Microsoft Edge selectively pauses "certain Flash content, like ads", where that content is not central to the page. However, Microsoft says it will introduce the changes gradually, initially allowing Flash to continue running by default on the most popular websites, before disabling Flash on more and more sites. (los mas...)
Cuba rechaza agresión contra Delcy Rodríguez en Argentina Cuba rechaza agresión contra Delcy Rodríguez en Argentina
- Diciembre 16, 2016

Rodríguez reiteró antes de la decisión que sigue ejerciendo la presidencia del bloque regional y ha hecho hincapié en que su país no necesita de una invitación para la reunión porque tiene el derecho de asistir. Mientras que calificó como una gran injusticia lo que está sucediendo, y adirtió que Venezuela ha decidido que no se irá del Mercosur y si no puede entrar por la puerta lo hará por las ventanas. (los mas...)