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Encuentra víbora de cascabel ¡en el baño! Encuentra víbora de cascabel ¡en el baño!
- Febrero 05, 2017

Cassie logró matar al animal pero decidió llamar a Nathan Hawkings, un especialista en capturar serpientes, para que se hiciera cargo de la situación. (los mas...)
Thousands in London march against Trump's travel ban
- Febrero 05, 2017

Dilowar Khan, chief executive of East London Mosque, said: 'We believe in a multicultural society, we believe in equality but Donald Trump is damaging the social fabric of our society'. The protesters clutched banners reading "Love Trumps Hate" and "Theresa the Appeaser". A few days ago the U.S. President Donald Trump held a meeting in Washington with the British Prime Minister Theresa May, the first world leader who visited the White House for negotiations with the newly elected POTUS, ... (los mas...)
Por esta razón Facebook celebra el Día de la Amistad hoy
- Febrero 03, 2017

Al igual que el año pasado, Facebook decidió que la fecha de aniversario de la red social también sea el Día del Amigo , a diferencia de la fecha que suele celebrarse en la Argentina, a mediados de año. De los $27,638 millones de ingresos de Facebook , $26,885 millones correspondieron sólo a sus ventas por publicidad con un incremento del 57% respecto al año anterior. (los mas...)
BSF scraps VRS of jawan who complained of food
- Febrero 03, 2017

Tej Bahadur Yadav, a BSF jawan of 29th battalion, who is these days posted in Jammu and Kashmir, in a series of Facebook posts said that the government has been doing enough to provide the security forces with essential items, but it is the BSF officials who are indulged in wrong doings. (los mas...)
Tempers Flare in Senate Over Sessions Vote Tempers Flare in Senate Over Sessions Vote
- Febrero 02, 2017

The acting Attorney General Sally Yates was sacked by Trump on Monday after she wrote a letter advising Justice Department attorneys not to comply with Trump's travel ban. Trump is expected to move ahead with an executive action this week addressing local crime-fighting and curbing the sale of drugs in the United States. (los mas...)
Opposition lawmakers hold protest for Hafiz Saeed's release Opposition lawmakers hold protest for Hafiz Saeed's release
- Febrero 02, 2017

Salahuddin, chairman of United Jihad Council (UJC), said in a statement: "Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has not only been urging the global community to break its criminal silence on Kashmir, but he has also been exposing the atrocities of India's imperialistic regime". (los mas...)
Luol Deng, a 'proud refugee', has powerful words on Trump's travel ban
- Febrero 02, 2017

Milwaukee Bucks forward Thon Maker was also born in Wau, Sudan. Raptors All-Star guard Kyle Lowry called it "bull--," Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy described the ban as "scary" and both Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich offered their always-poignant view on the President's executive order. (los mas...)
Solarwinds may be carrying Earth's oxygen to the moon Solarwinds may be carrying Earth's oxygen to the moon
- Febrero 02, 2017

RE, Earth radius. b, Position of the two Kaguya ion sensors, IEA and IMA, with respect to the Moon. The agency also said that this oxygen developed on earth 2.4 billion years ago when photosynthetic microbes were first discovered. By that point the Sun will have reached its red giant phase - the end of its life where it will expand, engulfing most of the solar system - which is due to happen in the next five or six billion years. (los mas...)
MacBook Pro with Touch Bar banned from bar exam in multiple states
- Febrero 01, 2017

Additionally, it could be set to offer predictive text, which could act as a prompt to students as they write. Here's how to turn off the feature on your machine. The notice then includes instructions on how to disable the Touch Bar, which prevents it from showing anything other than the laptop's regular function keys, used to adjust screen brightness and speaker volume. (los mas...)
University of Virginia concerned over Trump's executive order on immigration
- Febrero 01, 2017

As I imagine everyone knows, President Trump recently issued an executive order directly impacting travel for up to 90 days from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. The order was issued Friday, stranding several visa, green card holders and legal permanent residents traveling to the United States Saturday, including refugees at Dulles International Airport. (los mas...)
Amazon reef revealed in awesome underwater pictures Amazon reef revealed in awesome underwater pictures
- Enero 31, 2017

According to BBC News , the 620 mile (roughly 1,000 km) long Amazon Reef is located where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean and runs from French Guyana to the Brazilian state of Maranhao, and Greenpeac officials are concerned that it could soon be affected by oil drilling if companies are granted permits by the Brazilian government. (los mas...)
Falleció "el padre del Pac-Man"
- Enero 31, 2017

Namco comenzó a funcionar en el año de 1955 como una humilde compañía que poseía apenas dos caballos mecánicos para niños en el techo de un edificio en la ciudad de Yokohama. Se convirtió en presidente de la empresa en 2002 e incluso consiguió llegar a ser miembro honorífico de la Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Japón. El ejecutivo falleció el día 22 de enero y no tuvo la causa de su muerte distribuye a petición de la familia. (los mas...)
Bastian Schweinsteiger to remain at Man Utd and play in Europa League Bastian Schweinsteiger to remain at Man Utd and play in Europa League
- Enero 31, 2017

Jose Mourinho is the latest to voice his issues with the stacked-up match slate, speaking to the press after Manchester United's win over Wigan to advance to the FA Cup fifth round. "Since he came into the team, we and Micki himself thought he was ready". Mourinho said: "Yes, he is staying ". His experience and enduring quality could prove very valuable in the second half of the season as fixture congestion becomes an issue. (los mas...)
Zedillo en el Washington Post: inútil negociar con Trump Zedillo en el Washington Post: inútil negociar con Trump
- Enero 30, 2017

Recalca, que es hora de aceptar que las acciones del nuevo presidente de EUA han cerrado en un futuro previsible toda posibilidad de cualquier acuerdo mediante el diálogo y la negociación que pudiera satisfacer los intereses plenos de ambas naciones. (los mas...)
Nueva función de WhatsApp, informará tu ubicación en tiempo real
- Enero 30, 2017

Se prevé que la función será opcional, así como cuando quieres dejar que otros vean si has leído sus mensajes. Por ahora las pruebas se están llevando a cabo en las versiones Beta de iOS y 2.16.399 de Android y aún no hay una fecha concreta de llegada de la actualización al público. (los mas...)
En un Superclásico caliente, la primera alegría del año fue para River
- Enero 30, 2017

En el arranque de las acciones, Driussi la bajó para Igancio Fernández de frente al gol, pero Werner, a esa altura ya figura, le ganó el mano a mano a Nacho. Una combinación Mora, Driussi e Ignacio González dejó a Nacho en posición favorable, pero tapó Werner, y a los 17 un penal de Sebastián Driussi , por mano de Insaurralde , le permitió a los Millonarios ponerse en ventaja. (los mas...)
Thanks Trump: the Doomsday Clock Moves Closest To Midnight Since the 1950s Thanks Trump: the Doomsday Clock Moves Closest To Midnight Since the 1950s
- Enero 29, 2017

Over the course of 2016, the global security landscape darkened as the worldwide community failed to come effectively to grips with humanity's most pressing existential threats, nuclear weapons and climate change , The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned. (los mas...)
Google eliminó 1.7 mil millones de anuncios engañosos durante 2016 Google eliminó 1.7 mil millones de anuncios engañosos durante 2016
- Enero 29, 2017

Google cuenta que durante el 2016 se hicieron dos cosas importantes para mejorar sus sistemas en cuanto a publicidad. En materia de dispositivos móviles de comunicación y navegación, 23 anuncios que te llevaban a una información o a un portal que tú no deseabas ver, fueron inhabilitados por las molestias y problemas que ocasionan para los navegadores en la web por medio de un dispositivo móvil. (los mas...)
American Airlines Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) Expected To Report Earnings On Friday American Airlines Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) Expected To Report Earnings On Friday
- Enero 28, 2017

American Airlines Group Inc (AAL.O), the No. 1 US airline by passenger traffic, reported a fall in profit from a year earlier, when it recorded a $3 billion tax benefit. For the current quarter, the carrier expects consolidated CASM excluding fuel and special items to gain 9%, reflecting increased labor costs spread over capacity that will decline by 2%. (los mas...)
Apple ideó una forma para no perder los Airpods
- Enero 27, 2017

El temor de perder los pequeños AirPods embarga a los usuarios de Apple , especialmente luego de que la compañía retirase del AppStore la aplicación "Finder For AirPods " sin dar mayores explicaciones, hasta ahora: la empresa incluirá esta función en la aplicación " Find my iPhone ". (los mas...)