Ciencia y Tecnologia

UPS Tests Residential Delivery Via Drone Launched From Atop Package Car UPS Tests Residential Delivery Via Drone Launched From Atop Package Car
- Febrero 22, 2017

UPS successfully tested a drone delivery in Florida on Monday, using a drone launched from the top of a delivery truck. It's for this reason why I'm not even remotely surprised UPS is getting into the drone delivery space, which promises to explode as the technology behind it becomes more accurate and affordable. (los mas...)
Origami-inspired bulletproof shield can stop a .44 Magnum
- Febrero 21, 2017

They're generally large, flat and cumbersome, some weighing 100 pounds. Engineers from Brigham Young University (BYU) have developed a foldable bulletproof kevlar shield that can be quickly set up in an emergency to protect law enforcement operatives from gunfire. (los mas...)
Facebook copies Snapchat again with a 'new' WhatsApp feature Facebook copies Snapchat again with a 'new' WhatsApp feature
- Febrero 21, 2017

Launching ahead of WhatsApp's eighth birthday later this week, in the new Status tab, WhatsApp users can share photos and videos as a customizable stream, rather than exclusively in individual chats and messages. A few users spotted Status sometimes in November, with some blog expert suggesting that the feature could be launched along with upcoming updates. (los mas...)
WhatsApp: El gran cambio que viene para escribir sus estados
- Febrero 21, 2017

Los usuarios podrán seleccionar con quiénes comparten su Estado, algo fundamental si se tiene en cuenta que son muchos quienes usan la app para estar en contacto con compañeros de trabajo, incluso jefes. Tus amigos pueden ver tus estados y escribirte de forma privada. La nueva funcionalidad irá llegando a los usuarios de Android, iOS y Windows a partir de hoy . (los mas...)
Drone captures SpaceX Falcon 9 deploying landing legs before touching down
- Febrero 21, 2017

SpaceX has completed a historic launch and landing of its Falcon 9 rocket to send almost 2,500kg of NASA cargo including scientific equipment to the ISS. It's the first launch in Florida for SpaceX since a rocket exploded on its Launch Complex 40 on September 1. They plan to ferry not just supplies, but astronauts to the space station, perhaps as early as next year. (los mas...)
Longtime Valve writer Erik Wolpaw leaves company Longtime Valve writer Erik Wolpaw leaves company
- Febrero 21, 2017

Writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve Software after more than a decade at the company. Before he joined Valve, Wolpaw worked at Double Fine where he co-wrote Psychonauts with Tim Schafer. Erik Wolpaw is one of the writers who had shaped the Half-Life series in its latest incarnations. It's a still a close secret amongst developers at Valve; they have been silent on the topic since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 all the way back in 2007. (los mas...)
Lords ready to fight Brexit, Peter Mandelson warns
- Febrero 21, 2017

He urged fellow Labour peers to show "strength and clarity" over the issue. Justice Secretary Liz Truss said Lord Mandelson was a "blast from the past" and needed to move on from the referendum result. Former British prime minister Tony Blair on Friday urged Britons who support European Union membership to "rise up" and persuade Brexit-backers to change their mind. (los mas...)
Instalan semáforos para adictos al smartphone
- Febrero 20, 2017

Por lo tanto, esta medida es una respuesta a esta problemática, informó el portal 'Verne' de El País. En sí, estos semáforos son luces LED de color rojo y verde puestas en las esquinas de las calles, que están sincronizadas con las luces del semáforo tradicional. (los mas...)
YouTube eliminará de su plataforma la publicidad que no se puede saltar YouTube eliminará de su plataforma la publicidad que no se puede saltar
- Febrero 19, 2017

Según un portavoz de Google, compañía que compró YouTube en 2006, este cambio forma parte de una plan que busca mejorar la forma en que se despliega publicidad en formato de video en dicho portal. (los mas...)
Gameiro guió la goleada del Atlético Madrid sobre el Sporting Gijón Gameiro guió la goleada del Atlético Madrid sobre el Sporting Gijón
- Febrero 19, 2017

Este sábado, el conjunto del "Cholo" Simeone goleó 4-1 al Sporting Gijón y se acomodó en la cuarta posición de la Liga de España. Parecía que los madrileños se volverían con un magro punto. En el banco de suplentes, sin embargo, estaba el hombre que cambiaría el partido: Kevin Gameiro , quien fue enviado al campo por Simeone a los 62 minutos. (los mas...)
Pokémon Go: llegó la segunda generación
- Febrero 19, 2017

Chikorita , Totodile , Cyndaquil , Espeon y Umbreon son algunos de los 84 pokémon que se agregaron a la actualización. Los nuevos Pokémon llegarán esta semana para unirse al grupo inicial de Pokémon de la generación 2 presentados en diciembre, los cuales incluyeron a Togepi , Togetic , Pichu, Elekid, Smoochum, Magby , Igglybuff y Cleffa. (los mas...)
Xbox One "Interactive Livestreaming" App Available For Some Testers Today
- Febrero 19, 2017

Today the word on the e-streets is that Microsoft To Reveal Project Scorpio, doing so ahead of this years highly anticipated E3. However, PC enthusiasts might not be so impressed considering NVIDIA is reportedly coming out with its GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card in March that boasts of a whopping nine teraflops, as compared to Project Scorpio's six teraflops of graphical power. (los mas...)
Junior se juega la vida en Copa, ante Atlético Tucumán — Cartagena rojiblanca
- Febrero 17, 2017

El Estadio Olímpico Jaime Morón León fue conocido anteriormente como Pedro de Heredia. Los miembros de Frente Rojiblanco, una de las barras representativas del Junior , les ofrecieron platos típicos colombianos a los aficionados del Atlético Tucumán que hicieron una parada en Barranquilla antes de ir a alentar a su equipo en el partido de Copa Libertadores en la ciudad de Cartagena. (los mas...)
ZTE launching a gigabit smartphone at Mobile World Congress ZTE launching a gigabit smartphone at Mobile World Congress
- Febrero 17, 2017

The phone probably is going to aim for the markets that support such speeds like United States and Australia. This forward-looking smartphone will support 1Gbps download speeds, which are the speeds we've been told to expect from 5G wireless service. (los mas...)
Lamborghini Aventador (Finally) Recalled for Engine Fires, Including Ultra-Rare Veneno Models
- Febrero 17, 2017

Lamborghini said seven cases of fire have occurred worldwide. According to the recall information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the affected units include 2012 to 2017 Lamborghini Aventador models. The 12-cylinder, 750-horsepower supercars are among approximately 5,900 Aventadors - 1,500 in the USA - that also are being recalled for the same issues. (los mas...)
El Real Madrid encarrila su pase a cuartos ganando al Nápoles
- Febrero 16, 2017

El Real Madrid , vigente campeón de la Champions League, regresa a su competición preferida, aunque en una eliminatoria peligrosa, pues enfrenta a un Napoli prácticamente sin experiencia en esta instancia, pero con un gran paso en la Liga italiana. (los mas...)
Don't 'Netflix cheat' on your significant other this Valentine's Day Don't 'Netflix cheat' on your significant other this Valentine's Day
- Febrero 16, 2017

You start watching a series on Netflix with your significant other and you're both really into it. The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico where nearly 60 percent of streaming couples said they cheated. About 25 percent are "sleepless cheaters" that will watch TV after their significant other falls asleep . At least the next time you flip open your computer and find your Netflix viewing history is inaccurate, you'll know you're among the masses. (los mas...)
PewDiePie Dropped by Disney, YouTube Over Anti-Semitic Videos
- Febrero 16, 2017

PewDiePie is also no longer part of Google Preferred - an advertising program that sells popular brand-friendly content - though it is unclear why he was considered brand-friendly before this. Disney's Maker Studios were involved in the production of his YouTube Red show Scare PewDiePie , in which Kjellberg is placed in game-like situations meant to frighten him. (los mas...)
Dale que so' vo': el increíble video de Matt Damon cantando cumbia Dale que so' vo': el increíble video de Matt Damon cantando cumbia
- Febrero 15, 2017

Matt Damon tiene algo de argentinidad, al estar cansado con la salteña Luciano Barroso . Hace algunos meses atrás, Lucas Baini , de la revista argentina " La cosa del cine", logró que Matt Damon dijera algunas palabras en español. (los mas...)
La Liga MX llega a Facebook Live en Estados Unidos La Liga MX llega a Facebook Live en Estados Unidos
- Febrero 15, 2017

La apuesta tanto de Facebook como de Univision es clara, saben del potencial mercadológico del futbol mexicano que, más allá de no ser de los más competitivos futbolísticamente hablando, sí tiene un gran engagement para la audiencia. También estamos comprometidos en apoyar a Univision Deportes para explorar otras maneras innovadoras de complementar sus emisiones de televisión. Las transmisiones en vivo podrán verse a través de la página de Univisión Deportes en Facebook . (los mas...)